How To Delete A Whatsapp Message After The Time Limit?

For all happened to those who send a message and repent, but realize that time has passed disposal. But do not despair because there are ways To delete a message WhatsApp after the time limit.

This adaptation was launched in late 2017, initially has been widely accepted by more than 56% of users. However, it is currently struggling to extend the time periods to erase messages.

To be eligible for this tool is recommended that you updated version of WhatsApp and either Android or iPhone.

to delete a message from WhatsApp After Time Limit

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According to some specialized sites, it is expected that the continuity of this period is extended to 68 minutes or limit available. However, users created some shortcuts or tricks to delete a message after WhatsApp time limit.

If the message or sent to a group is the best thing someone sees an action message, in case some group members have read can verify who read and what time they read it.

Guide WhatsApp delete a message after the time

At the same as any program, learn to delete a message from WhatsApp after the time limit is really simple. Consists of the following:

Enable «flight mode»

The first step to move to delete a message, the first thing you have to do is activate the » airplane» mode on the phone. This measure is based on Disconnect from Internet phone so you can absorb all functions.

For those who do not know how to get to this stage, most of the devices is in the top banner. Press the button and wait for the function to run on the operating system .

work stoppage WhatsApp

After placing the device in airplane mode, you must enter the settings will scroll down until you find the » applications» click it. Then search the list of iPhone applications.

delete the application of this message

immediately enter a private profile where other data appear on the application, including the size and use in the day. But, on top of a button that says « Force stop «, click it.


This function will WhatsApp quit unexpectedly, it works perfectly for the App Restart at the time of the fall.

Change the time and date on your phone

The last step is to find the Setting the date and time that is at the end of the tool list. Once inside, another list will be displayed, only this command available for that change.

One tip is about one hour late 13-18 hours less so that the deal works


Delete post

To verify that a message was erased after WhatsApp the time limit, you need to access the media. It’s okay to take some time to enter the detention wait 10 to 15 minutes.

Now you need to get into the conversation of the problem and select the message you expect to be deleted. Once you press the trash, should unfold the information box with the « Delete all » button.

Then, the panel re-setting and place correctly all the orders to pursue the processes in the cell. Should not work, you can repeat step or remove any items made with the application.

You can test all the steps you told WhatsApp sending an empty to verify that you understand that to remove WhatsApp messages.

Is it important to use the measure?

This is an abstract answer, because before sending the information to the ideal user to verify and assess whether it is fruitful to deliver the message. However, the form of « Delete all » is designed to clear the text boxes in a conversation.

 clear what the application chat

It was also designed so that the receiver can not see the data in the message, after seeing the notification. It currently has a time lag no more than 68 minutes , which means that after these minutes can not run.

If the opposite default to store all conversations and discussions you have on the application of WhatsApp, with an account on Google Drive can make a backup your conversations.

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