How To Disable Whatsapp Messenger Temporarily To Stop Using It For A While?

 disable temporarily whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp is the messaging application and transfer of multimedia content on the most popular world. For now, more than 200 million users and after its purchase by Facebook in February 2014, has developed many more potentials than he imagined he could ever have.

For many people, this application is its main tool for work or study, the maintain direct and immediate with superiors, clients or classmates constant communication. In this and other cases, the application and the mobile phone never rest … and neither do you. This is where the question arises: what could I do


How Disable WhatsApp Messenger temporarily stop using it for a while?

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Disable WhatsApp Messenger temporarily

That is why, this time, you’ll face a series of tools and features of your mobile phone that will allow you to temporarily disable your WhatsApp , without having to delete your account, let alone uninstall the application.

For the time off from those days when you really do not want to know anything about the messages that can get in your WhatsApp and thus more time with your family, friends or simply enjoy time alone, < strong> there are ways disable temporarily the application .

 Disable WhatsApp Messenger

Force stop

One of the most effective ways to temporarily disable your WhatsApp is on the panel settings of your device. Once you are in that section, you must follow these steps:

  • Go to section «Applications» on your Smartphone.
  • Select «WhatsApp»
  • Click the option «Force stop»

This simple, WhatsApp will be temporarily disabled . Your phone will remain silent, at the least until you reopen the application.

Meanwhile, you can still use other applications on your device without annoying interruptions of messages that just do not want to see.

No more notifications

Another way to keep the application not interrupting other tasks or activities that can be carried on your smartphone, go through the disable notifications . This alternative also can find on the panel setup your mobile device.

  • Enter the panel to «Settings»
  • Click on the «Option Notification».
  • Disable notifications WhatsApp.

Thus, the application will remain active, but there will be any warning messages that are coming, being a alternative to despejarte equally ingenious.

Other alternatives

One option, maybe a little more drastic, can be enable airplane mode or not bother your Smartphone. Of course, if the situation warrants, may not be amiss. You just have to be aware of what this means: you not only will turn off all WhatsApp temporarily, but also all other applications running through consumption data or WiFi connection


Similarly, you can not receive text messages or calls through the network of the telephone company to which you have subscribed.

Snooze notifications

To mute, enter the chat, click the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen and select the option to mute notifications.

 Mute notifications

Choose between 8 hours, 1 week or year. Notably continue to receive messages from this chat , your online status, check blue, states and other functions will remain visible to that or those people who have added, just simply do not see I When a message arrives from them.

Lock Contact

The same procedure applies to cases where you want block the contact . Open the chat and press the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen. But this time you pressed on the «more», which, of course, you’ll find the option to block.

This option would give you a little more privacy. The contact will not see if you are online, your last connection, states and messages that contact sends you just do not come .

Let’s rest!

If you reduce your stress levels temporarily disable passes this application because here you have the necessary tools to do so. Now, it depends on which method you use to spend time alone or with your loved ones without annoying notifications WhatsApp on your Smartphone.

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