How To Remove Or Disable Vibration In Whatsapp Iphone-Easy And Fast

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If you normally buzzing notifications will activate the mode not bother and ready. If you want to know how to remove or disable the vibration in WhatsApp iPhone read this tutorial.

You can disable the vibrations of your device without the need to disable sound alerts on my iPhone. Depending on the OS you have going to be the methodology.

How to Remove or Disable Vibration WhatsApp iPhone-Easy and Fast

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How to turn off vibration while maintaining sound alerts on my iPhone

If your mobile device has a iOS operating system above 9 must do the following:

If you want to get rid of the annoying vibrations of your device without having to take the sound to your device or set it to «Silent» mode are in the indicated place. I will tell you step by step how to do it.

Enter to the Settings menu on your device. From there looking for the General section. Once inside, let us position on Accessibility and then vibrate.

Once we are on the menu Vibration must turn this mode.

In the case of the Previous versions until iOS 8 to disable the vibration of the device must do so with the following method:

It starts from the device settings. Enter the submenu Sound. In this case, we must turn off the vibration mode of each function or service, such as ringtones, text messages, WhatsApp notifications, calendar alerts, etc.

To disable vibration in each of the functions of the single device must slide the switch to the left, so that the green color of the same change to white.

As you can see, is very simple remove the vibration device iPhone without the need to remove her sound alerts, say goodbye to the annoying hum.

 sound vibration settings options iphone

How to change the audio settings and notifications on my iPhone

The iPhone devices are shortcuts on your hardware located on its side . In this paragraph we will tell you how to change the audio settings and notifications on my iPhone.

To enable sound alerts My device only position the switch must have the right lateral side down, so that is closer to the rear of the device.

To ensure you have the Active sounds, more commonly called tone mode, you must confirm that light switch is off.

If you want change activate silent mode of the device to not be heard through the speakers of the same must turn this switch guiding him to the front.

You can confirm that it has activated the silent mode if you see lit a light orange or red on the switch color. This way will be disabled the alarms sound device, including alarm bed u bedtime. Only they played on the loudspeakers of the same sounds from other applications such as music or videos when reproduzcas.

iPhone models 7 or higher can take the vibration mode regardless of silence or tone mode. To do this you must do the following:

Enter the settings of the device and then select the Sounds and vibration section . From there you can customize the vibration in both modes.

To activate the vibration tone mode , you must slide the switch to the right tone Vibrate, being green. Or left to turn it off.

To activate the vibration mute , you must slide the switch to the right to Vibrate in silence, being green. Or left to turn it off.

 buttons sounds tone mode mobile silent cases

From the same section Sound and Vibration , you can customize the sound and vibration sequences all functions. This way you will know what type of alert is depending on the sound you have and/or vibration sequence of your choice.

To make it more personalized even disables the Change buttons and the list of functions that you down, go one by one to change it. So you can choose the maximum volume , sound and vibration sequence:

  • Ringtone
  • Message tone
  • Voice Message
  • New Mail
  • Sent Mail
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Reminder Alerts

As you can see is very easy and fast remove or disable vibration in WhatsApp iPhone.

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