How To Create My Own Dlna Media Server To Watch Movies On Other Devices

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The progress so rapid technology allows us almost nothing and with the resources we have, to enjoy the best movies at home. Even if you do not believe, is not using decoders or TV antennas, but a DLNA media server. That is why, we present the following article will show you how to create my own DLNA media server to watch movies on other devices.

How to create my own DLNA Media Server to see movies on other devices

And when we refer to other devices, means that not only TV, but we’re talking about PC, mobile phones, laptop, etc. the use of this type of equipment are unlimited and not just be talking just to see movies, we can also watch videos, listen to music. View images, etc.

Although you might think to make such servers be very complicated, we can say that nothing from reality. If you can see videos and photos of the iPhone on my Samsung Smart TV wirelessly. Then it will be possible to perform this procedure, just follow the steps below you enunciate.

But now I’ll show how to create my own DLNA media server to watch movies on other devices . So you can enjoy at all times and not rely on a TV.

 media server

How to create my own DLNA media server to watch movies on other devices

For you create your own DLNA media server to watch movies on other devices to do the following. First you’ll lead your PC and the taskbar at the bottom right, you will select the connection icon. In doing this, we will give you clip right and select the Open configuration option Network and Internet.

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A’s do this, we will show the window on the desktop, and here we will make clip in the Change connection properties . In doing this, we take you to another window and here we go to paragraph Network Profile and choose the Private option. Now we to the previous window and go down a paco to find the related Configuration section.

There will choose the option Change advanced sharing options, we clip and take us to a new window. There, at the bottom select the option All networks and we will make the arrow clip. Then in the section streaming Media we will make clip in the Choose multimedia transmission sequence.

Network Settings to create the Media Server

A performing this action, we will show another window and it will first give a name. Then you will see the device within the network Local are connected, if you want to remove some of they can do otherwise you can leave it like that. Then you do clip on the OK option.

You’ve finished this part and close all windows that we open, we must now search our PC, the movies or videos you want to share. We can have in a folder several videos and downloaded movies. Now we select that folder and do the right clip and the options we select the option Provide access to.

And then choose the specific Users option, making this a box and it appears we will select the All option and then you clip Add and clip finally do Share . There we will see the folder will share and then we will make clip on the Ready option and that it must do if you want to share music or other files.

And will our media server ready now to view this folder or Android phone, you must have the VLC Player application . In the application we’ll go to the section that says local network to scan and wait for a few seconds. It happened this time, we will show the server you just created, select it and go.

see another film device

It is important to know that the devices must be on the same WiFi network href=»»> and how we finished another interesting tutorial. Very simply that you showed how to create my own DLNA media server to watch movies on other devices.

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