How To Install And Configure A Network Printer From Any Device? -Very Easy

The printer manufacturers are clear that the current market, not only based on what computer has more features. This is because, in addition, users seek greater chance of Print from anywhere in the fastest way possible and simple.

Current printers

The MFPs are one of the most currently used. They are capable not only of providing high-quality printing of text and images, but also offer the ability to scan documents and photos.

 Current printers

However, after that, most do not offer higher versatilities when different types of connection set the device to use .

Printers Wireless

Manufacturers continue to innovate models with more and more tools in its interface, until finally incorporated varieties in terms of the type of connection. In this way, not only you could install a printer through a USB cable, but also via a wireless network.


This was a huge leap in quality in the market and competition is not coming. advantages to have a printer capable of being installed and configured via a wireless network , they are several:

  • Toggle location because, while it can receive the wireless signal from the router, run smoothly.
  • Provides the ability to print remote . This advantage particularly optimizing was time. It could mainly be printed from anywhere in your home or office, while the computer and printer are kept connected to the same network, but then came new tools offering printing at greater distances and across different networks.
  • A workgroup can use the same printer wirelessly, so it is not required to use a single device to achieve print documents.

Using a Printer on different devices

This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of maintaining the installation and configuration of a printer via a WiFi network. However, little is said about it.

 Use a printer on different devices

It is essential that extraordinary and can use the same printer on different devices : desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Which makes work easier and quicker waiting times in order to become a document.

Installation and Configuration

The process of installing and configuring the printer may vary by manufacturer and model. However, usually not too difficult process, and here you have an explanation of each.

Laptops and desktop computers

These teams could serve as a central printer. Generally, all printers bring an installation CD which’ll insert into your desktop or laptop.

If you do not have or is already widely used and your computer does not read it, do not worry, you can also find the installer on the website of the manufacturer.

  • Once you start the installation process, you only need to follow all the instructions you until you reach the point where you should determine the type of printer connection, selecting the wireless connection.
  • Select the network you want to connect (if there are several) and provide any other information that the installer needed to complete it successfully.
  • Remember that in this type of installation, the printer and computer must be connected to the same network.

Tablets and Smartphones

In the case of these mobile , how can weave them to the printer can be even easier and faster than on computers.

  1. Mainly, you’ll need to have Google Chrome .
  2. Through the browser, you can use the tool Cloud Print.
  3. Only you must open the browser and type chrome: // devices
  4. Click on the Add Printer option.
  5. A culminating with the setup process, your printer is ready to use on your tablet or smartphone.
  6. You can also use the application to Google Cloud Print.
  7. This is an alternative that You can also apply on your laptop , if you find yourself somewhere else and need to use the printer in your office or home printing to any document.

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