How Many People Can See Disney Plus Simultaneously In The Same Account?

 see Disney Plus simultaneously in the same account different people

Disney Plus platform is a big challenge for Netflix, because with the little time you have on the market has even overcome some features of Netflix . All this because of the content that has Disney Plus in terms original movies and series that have provided much success to this entertainment platform, as the number of viewers is shocking.

How many people can see Disney Plus simultaneously in the same account

Disney Plus offers its customers the option to A free subscription for a few days or a standard subscription of 6.99 euros to Spain the month; or 69.99 euros annually.

If we talk about economics, is share a Disney Plus account with friends or family , so that payment is among several; This embodiment also enjoys the Netflix. But how many people can enjoy Disney Plus on the same account at the same time? Discover together in this in this post the way to do.

On Disney Plus in Spain being user Movistar Plus

 Disney Plus comes to Spain from MovistarTv

see through Movistar ; Well, in Spain enjoying this platform so you can share between 7 users the same account For this. only must create each profile, but can only watch the content while 4 people.

Therefore, it would be best to share the bill between 4; because if is 7 profiles, 3 will not display the desired content, having to wait out any of the contents of the other 4 members.

How many profiles can see Disney Plus simultaneously in the same account?

you can connect at the same time 4 devices ; these users with different profiles achieve observe different content, of course on different screens, no problem. In addition, you will have the opportunity to produce seven profiles ; At this point, each user can scan the downloaded content and view movies and series or views.

Each note that only 4 of those 7 profiles will enjoy watching simultaneously Disney Plus . All this will be thanks to the monthly subscription Disney Plus platform with a single price, without resorting to Premium Plans.

Instead of Netflix or HBO, Disney plus you managed to share the account with 4 profiles will enjoy all content for low cost of less than 2 euros a month.

Features shared account

Each person with a different profile not prejudice the content of others. Each user can save the list of favorites, downloads and languages ​​and subtitles separately. Disney Plus lets you create different types of profiles.

For example, can create profiles for children infant Disney Plus ; which they are intended exclusively for children , to restrict certain non-age-appropriate content.

 Create children

Disney + allows you to download series or movies so you can enjoy them at another time or if you do not have connection. You can download content on up to 10 devices. If you got here to the maximum download, you should eliminate discharges of any device before downloading another.

As a last feature, you can only enjoy Disney + content if you are in the country where you made the contract or any other country enjoying the platform. It is not even mentioned if you can share the account with other people who do not live in the same house.

Plan 4 simultaneous 4k screens Disney +

Disney + in the basic subscription provides access 4K content and thus use 4 screens simultaneously. It offers a cheaper subscription and more technically complete. Today, any screen offers HD quality.

Create profiles for Disney Plus simultaneously in the same account

You will be able to create profiles Disney Plus in the application or web. In the app you must enter the same, press the profile image found on the right side of the screen in the corner. Once there, you will observe all created profiles in your account , here you can add or edit profile you already have.

Disney + has an extraordinary experience when save monthly expenses generated by this platform. Although this form of entertainment is much cheaper than others, only 4 of the 7 profiles will enjoy the same content.

Now you know how many people can share your account Disney Plus, discuss it with your friends and family to enjoy shows and movies in one place.

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