How Can I See Disney Plus Through Movistar

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If you find yourself at home and have an account at Movistar and want to try something different … Well now available Disney Plus and comes with a wide range of entertainment you can enjoy in the comfort of your home and your family. You will be guided to this fascinating world and Disney plus you can see through your Movistar.

How can I see Disney Plus through Movistar

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Facts and Disney Movistar Plus

Exactly what is Disney Plus? Or Disney +. It is a platform subscription service Family Friendly with online videos, ie, its programming is totally familiar and friendly that children will enjoy. If you do not already have this service, first Disney plus.

you count off a content full of Disney, including: Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney Studios, Blue Sky Studios movies and more. Output catalog includes 400 movies + extras (this includes comments from the director and behind the scenes). If you want to know the full content of Disney Plus, go to this link.

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The launch of the service was launched in the United States and Canada. And in March was officially opened in Spain, this indicates that Disney can be seen through Movistar plus as operational service. Adding to its extensive programming plus Disney original content.

Everything was achieved after a complicated negotiation. Service Disney plus will free manner without hiring additional holders Movistar + packages such as: Selection Plus Fusion Fiction, Fusion and Fusion Total Total Plus. And customers who own the theater package, will manage hire Disney plus service through Movistar with an offer of 6 months free. If you do not have Movistar, is possible to see Disney plus free .

Despite the potential drawbacks that has been presented to enable and watch Disney plus Movistar, explained that users need to do to enable it. Given that it is necessary to associate the account we have of Movistar with Disney + to enjoy the subscription, even without pay. Now if we go on.

Enabling and see Disney plus through Movistar

  • Enter Movistar to the activation web Disney + (
  • Enter your session. How You enter? Pinchas in my Movistar access and write your user and password or password My Movistar and then tap the Enter button. You can check your rate includes Disney + box and then you click Activate your subscription. Yet another way to access the App is mobile My Movistar.
  • Look for the TV
  • tab

  • You’ll find a button that states that already can activate the Platform Disney +.
  • This will lead you to the Official Website of Disney +.
  • You go to the page and create an account, involves introducing your email address and press continue. And immediately activate your subscription. Even we suggest you download the App from Disney + in any of the supported devices and find out the plan and rate.

You can also activate it from your Smart TV

 two shades of blue indicating the Disney welcome plus movistar

  • To see Disney Plus on your smart tv we indicate this option, enter a Movistar +
  • From the main menu with the Banner will reflect information Service Disney +, stand and press OK on your remote.
  • will visualize Code , so you should have your cell phone handy and capture the code.
  • immediately will take you to the website of Disney on your mobile device where you will create your account by entering your email address.
  • You press continue and Active Streaming and ready service.

Do not forget to install the App Disney plus all your devices and start enjoying the varied programming anytime and anywhere, up to 4 screens simultaneously .

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Now to this point have the ability to implement all this knowledge, so you can access and brand the Service. where you will enjoy 350 hours of National Geographics and 7500 espisodios series TV in 4 different devices. You can leave your comments and know what information you appeared.

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