How To Install The Dropbox Application Portable Usb Memory | Free Offline

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Some users have chosen to download and install applications like Dropbox in your USB memory, How and because? We’ll explain in this article on how to install the Dropbox in a memory portable USB , offline and free.

How Dropbox application installed on a USB stick Portable | Offline Free

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How can install the Dropbox application on a portable USB Flash Drive?

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You see install portable Dropbox is very easy and simple, just follow these steps carefully:

  • Connect your USB to your computer and make sure you have internet connection. Memory
  • Enter the website DropboxPortableAHK and portable Dropbox download for free from the Download .
  • I compress the contents of the DropboxPortableAHK folder zip , copy it and then paste it on your USB drive, or right click extract files . and extract it to your USB memory
  • Go to the DropboxPortableAHK.exe folder located in your, right-click USB memory and click on the Open option to run the program.
  • You refer you to the Welcome screen, then Languaje select the language.
  • It is appropriate to set «Connection Profiles», then the same program will generate the message «the internet connection could be established using the connection of the system»
  • .

  • Then go to «Folder Path dropbox» , this session select a folder on your USB memory where you want to save the application, you can leave the showing you default, or choose another in section «Try some choice in the field below», just place two points before Dropbox and click Next .
  • Go to «Previous Setting» , there make a seen «Use old Dropbox folder», then click on Move or Copy the files, so you do the synchronization of files at once.

 Dropbox folder configuration

  • Select the path where you saved the file and now click Next.
  • Once «Update Notification» if you want to receive notifications and updates can press DropboxPortableAHK there, then click on Next.
  • «Accessories» have the option «Eject disk SyncAndGo» or «Shut down the computer after SyncAndGo»; and when synchronization ends there you have other options as autorun or encrypt files, among other important; When finished selecting click Next.
  • «User Applications» you can be set to once synchronization is complete a program running on the USB memory; If so, click the + sign in the User Application box, type the path to the program and click Next. run

 The user application Dropbox

  • Now download your files «System Files Dropbox» In this same section choose the color of the icon Dropbox, so you diferenciarás other versions. to install.
  • Finally in «Start settings Dropbox» synchronizes your account with your USB memory
  • .

  • And in another window will ask you if you already have an account at Dropbox
  • .


Install Dropbox on a USB portable memory, it will bring many advantages, for the following reasons:

  • portable to the same as the traditional dropbox, offers a free service to save your files including Word and Excel. cloud, with up to 2GB of storage
  • can have a Dropbox account on multiple computers at the same time, without compromising the security of your personal information in danger.
  • You can also free work offline from any computer wherever you are, the best you will not need internet connection.
  • it is ideal when you need to work with multiple computers , which are usually shared with other users. When this happens, the security of your data will be safeguarded, also change privacy settings files and folders especially since there need longer access the application through your personal account.

Thanks to our post on how to install the Dropbox in a memory portable USB offline and free to you can upload and share files anytime ; now resguardarás and manipularás without limitation your personal files on any of the computers you use commonly.

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