How Does My Pc Monitor Online When I’M Not With Dropbox? -Fast And Easy

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Incredibly, there is a way to monitor a PC with Dropbox , the application of cloud storage that competes with others in the market.

When you talk about this program or platform never ceases to amaze with the versatility of use and all utilities it has.

How to watch my PC Online When I’m not with Dropbox -Easy and fast

As well, availing ourselves of this, can keep an eye on your computer while you are not at home remotely from another device.

The application is best known for Dropbox that allows the user upload and share files both public and private, as can make your private or secret files.

Acquire Dropbox desktop application

In order to monitor a PC with Dropbox, you must first purchase or download the desktop version of this storage manager. To do this, you have to type in the Google Search bar is the name of the program that will give us as a result the direction of the same.

A the enter it will show a section in blue with the welcome message and the right side a segment with fields to fill. Within the last mentioned, it will appear on the top link with the word “ Download ” which must be pressed to continue.

This page will analyze the features of the computer , as well as the operating system you use. Thus, the download links will appear as bits. So the option that qualifies with the version of Windows and thus proceed to download the program file is selected.

Then you just have to install the program using settings “ Administrator ” and wait until the process is completed.

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Now to finish, ending an icon to open the application organizer (arrow in the taskbar) from where opens the Dropbox and start session.

Many users do not know but can also manage open and use two Dropbox accounts on a same computer.

Get and set AutoScreenCap for automatic screen captures

Now, as a next step to monitor a PC with Dropbox have to get hold of a program that is called “ AutoScreenCap “.

Through it, they can be automatically captures the computer screen without pressing the “ Print ” key from the keyboard.

How does this help me monitor my computer? It’s simple, there is a way to set up Dropbox to store any catch is made.

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It means that every time you take a “ Print ” screen, the image is automatically stored in the program.

Unfortunately, Dropbox does not perform automatic capture, the more you can do is save them, so it is going to need the AutoScreenCap.

Which can be found from the browser by typing its name into Google and giving “ Enter ” to search.

Currently, the most reliable page for downloading the program is “ Source Forge “, it has a varied catalog of software.

So the green button that says “ Download ” and at the end, decompressed and installed on the PC is selected.

A the installed, the program starts and proceeds to set it up. Within these settings can determine the time between capture and image quality.

Only the parameters are chosen best suited. In addition, you can distinguish the save folder. If you prefer, you can use the Dropbox directly.

Start the process to monitor a PC with Dropbox

Finally, what remains is to configure the remaining Dropbox established surveillance. This means that and the AutoScreenCap is set .

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There are two ways to achieve this, the first is that mentioned recently placed as location to save screenshots, one of the Dropbox folders.

This will make, whenever any stored, synchronize information with the program and can be displayed from any connected device.

The second is making the Dropbox safeguard catches, this is achieved accessed from the profile icon on the tab of the program.

Here, you must select the initials of the user, showing a section where you have to choose “ Preferences ” and then on “ Import .”

It is in this section where you should find a box that will have a statement that says “ Save screenshots in your Dropbox ” to complete the process.

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If in addition to Dropbox also use applications such as Google Drive or OneDrive, you can migrate or copy you file between all three platforms.

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