How To Send Files Up To 5gb Free Heavy With Pcloud Transfer -Easy And Fast

Welcome! If you take time looking for ways to share files with your contacts very heavy but I do not know what to look for alternatives, then you’ve come to the indicated place. Fortunately for you, we have taken the trouble to explain in great detail how to send files up to 5 GB heavy completely free with Pcloud Transfer option.

Thanks to Pcloud transfer we send a lot of files without having to worry that exceed a lower limit at 5 GB.

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How to Send files Pesados ​​up to 5Gb Free with Pcloud Transfer -easy and Fast

In addition this tool gives us the option to encrypt the content shared so that only can be downloaded with a password, which guarantees maximum security to prevent third parties from accessing our shared files, encouraging the aumentar and improve the security of our phone.

On the other hand, not only have Pcloud Transfer , but we can also download free desktop application called Pcloud and has functions similar to those you’d find at the creating an account at Dropbox .

Learn to use Pcloud transfer

Before teach you how to learn to use Pcloud transfer , we will explain the whole process must perform to have the Pcloud application on your desktop or any of your mobile devices . Undoubtedly, this app has become very popular in recent years because of its excellent performance and reliability.

  • First of all you must register on the official website of Pcloud. Once you have entered a page must click on the option “Login”
  • Then you see appears a form to sign and then you have to click on the option “Dont have an account? Register “
  • Then you write a valid email address and password to complete the registration process.
  • Now you have to select the “Download” option to download the official application for your different devices. Fortunately, this app is available for a variety of operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. As is also compatible with Android and iOS phones.

 Steps to work Pcloud Transfer

  • When you have completed the installation process you will see that appears on your desktop a folder named “ Pcloud ” in which all files are stored you send through this app.
  • Done! Once this series of steps completed you can now use without problems Pcloud so you can send very large files tranquility, which normally can not be sent through other platforms such as Outlook or Gmail, even if there is a way you can send files in Gmail heavy .

How to send heavy files using Pcloud transfer?

Here in this paragraph we will show How heavy can send files through Pcloud transfer . In addition we will also give other alternatives that have to do with the app Pcloud as such.

Just be matter you choose one of the following ways to share files up to 5 GB with friends or family without any inconvenience Let’s do this!

  • You can submit a URL of the folder or file you want to share. Thus, anyone who click the link can access the shared content, even if you have an account in PCloud.
  • Also, this app gives us the opportunity to send an invitation to a person so you can see the content and modify either adding or deleting files located in the shared folder.
  • On the other hand, can create your own load links, which will allow other people to upload files quickly and easily to our cloud PCloud.

Pcloud Transfer

  • last The alternative offered by Pcloud to share our files is through Pcloud transfer service. It is not necessary to register, simply have to upload the file and write your email address and the address of the recipient. Then you must click on the option “send files” and ready.
  • In addition, once you have completed uploading the content that we send, the recipient receive notification in the mail that will allow access you shared files. You even get a notification when your contacts you have downloaded the content that you sent.

We’ve already done for the day! If you enjoyed the information we have gathered in this new post, do not forget to share it with all your contacts, as this would help us greatly See you in the next post!

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