How I Can Register Or Create A Free Account Duolingo -Step By Step

Today, advances in technology bring us many good things for our device, whether computers or smartphones through these have access to information of everything you can think of.

And this does not stop in just to see or read but also learn different things, so we want to keep pace with these innovative tools.

How can I register or create an account in Duolingo Free ? -Step by Step

Speaking a language other than ours is one of the Resources requested , so have increased applications that help us learn in an easy and simple way.

It is best that we can do from home with a schedule that we choose ourselves, many have succeeded in doing the habit and have had a full success .

What is Duolingo?

Today we talk about Duolingo, a website application for Android and iOS that can help us to speak another language-His teaching method is based on always practicing the words heard, for so the student to learn. In addition, with the help of others who are more advanced in the course, the program can correct or approve the student.

But to begin must learn to register or create an account free Duolingo and begin the adventure of learning a language. Here we will see step by step to open an account at a PC, Mac, or both iOS or Android device.

How to create a free account Duolingo from a PC on Windows or Mac?

Duolingo from Mac or Windows Account

Here we begin to register for Free Duolingo Step by step, we started:

Step 1

From your PC place yourself website Duolingo to access and thus register.

Step 2

Within the website place yourself where it says “Start” you click it, you’ll look as if they’re learning a language.

Step 3

will now open a list of the flags of the countries and languages ​​that are available, you get to choose who you want to learn, expected to open the page.

Step 4

After loading the page will appear goals and plans , but you’ll place yourself in the top of the screen the right side, press the Create Profile button to enter your personal data.

Step 5

You must fill in the fields are: name, age, e-mail, also a password to log power. After this you press create account. Through Facebook or Google You can sign up too.

Step 6

Now with all this fact have an account on your computer ready for learn the language you selected.

If you ever change your mind when you restart or change the language of your course Duolingo easily.

How to create an account free Android Duolingo?

As I mentioned earlier Duolingo available Android operating system and can download for free from the official app store Play Store , then follow these steps to register for downloaded:

Step 1

The first thing on your mobile go to the store Google Play Store, Duolingo locate and download it and install it.

Step 2

Find the app on your phone so you can start the process of registering as a user.

Step 3

On the screen appears you what you press “Start” button.

Step 4

Now you get to choose the language you want to learn, you also choose the goals you want for your progress.

Step 5

On the same screen are three points you click it, there opens the Create Profile.

Step 6

There are some fields that you complete. name, age, e-mail and password

Step 7

When you fill all these have your Profile in Duolingo already created and you can start learning another language.

How to create free account Duolingo in iOS?

Also for iOS is available Duolingo, this good tool for learning languages ​​is easy to register from an iOS device:

Step 1

Download and install the application from App Store for iOS

Step 2

When you download already, open the application, followed by pressing the start button turn languages.

Step 3

You select the language and seeks to create a profile.

Step 4

There stuffed fields name, age, mail and password after that and will be created your profile, you can now start enjoying Duolingo free.

You can also update the App Duolingo to increase the number of language courses, here’s how.

And if you loved this application and want to learn more, here we show you what they are for lingots or Gemas in Duolingo and how to use.

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