How To Create A Chain Of Emails With Automated Marketing System Mailjet?


Mailjet is a marketing tool automation system that allows, among other things, create a chain of emails.

It is a fairly modern and practical resource that facilitates marketing for people who work in this area. That is to say, it is useful to create an email marketing campaign with Mailjet , for example.

How to Create a Chain Emails Automated Marketing System with Mailjet

Despite not being one of the powerful marketing tools as other many users prefer it because they made a simple marketing strategy .

So also ideal for those who either have just begun to practice in the area or have a small strategy. And even better, there is even the option of create and send email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp.

Regardless of the reason and colors, from small this text shows what it is and how to use Mailjet to generate chains post.

What is Maijet?

For those who do not know what Mailjet this, in essence, is a platform for creating marketing emails character, ie, it is not a platform for any post.

The same is designed for people who work in marketing , as was said, from a fairly intuitive structure.

It is possible that a team can manufacture a campaign which can then be sent to many people creating a chain of emails.

Also, has certain features that help developers drive business for working or your own.

In other words, although it is not as up to other platforms of this nature, does the job and does it very well.

gray and yellow logo mail jet

Can I create a chain of emails for free?

Mailjet functionalities can acquired for free . In fact, this page includes a series of plans that meet the need of the person.

The same can choose the free plan, which has a certain capacity of emails that can be sent to the day and the month.

But if what is needed is more extensive in terms of shipping, it is always possible to acquire other plans as the “ Basic “, “ Premium ” and “ Large accounts “.

Thus, if the demand for labor becomes greater, it is always possible to extend the limit of emails that can be sent in time.

Create a string automated emails

Once you have created an account, regardless of the plan you chose, it will be possible to create a chain of automatic emails.

So, the first thing to be done, as is obvious, is log from the Mailjet , which can be located from the browser.

A coming into it, will be accessible with a button in the upper right party to enter data and enter the user’s profile.

Once this is done, a screen is displayed with a graphic and other elements representing the tool. To make the chain, head upstairs to the tab that says “ Automation “.

Consequently, two options are displayed, which will select the first, which is called “ My workflows “.

woman putting together letters

In this section will be chosen by an orange button that says “ New Workflow “. Which will take us to another section.

In it, several options will be presented on the nature of the post, is selected which is desired and continues in the same settings by following the steps shown.

In the messages mentioned may be amended language, title, time zone and the contact list. This in the first step.

On the second content separated emails will be added over time as appropriate, or even whether to comply with any special conditions.

follows proceeds to choose a template, either created or own, the name and amending content and saved. Then continues choosing “ Save and continue ” and finally “ Save and Activate now “.

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