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 create temporary email on laptop

Since its inception, the mail service has helped us communicate with others despite being kilometers away. With the advent of the digital era, it was a matter of time before this change will also affect the way in which send and receive information in this way.

And with the arrival of Gmail in 2004, the use of this service was propelled, and more with options schedule sending emails from Gmail . However, it is sometimes necessary to use an email address from which we can without . For that reason, this article will show you how to create a temporary email.

How to create a temporary EMAIL

Currently, the only way to create a temporary email, junk mail or prefer to call it entering a page dedicated to providing these services . And so avoid that hack your personal account, which would be good for you to learn, how to tell if your email accounts have been hacked to better protect them.

Later we will show you the best websites that exist for it. But first we will answer two questions related to this aspect that many can be done.

Why use a temporary EMAIL instead of one staff?

There are many reasons why these emails are used, and to protect and more secure your personal email . The obvious advantage of using them is that your privacy not compromised . In view of this we can ask the following reasons:

  • Make a purchase on a page you think you’ll use little in the future.
  • Enter to pages that ask for an e-mail to view its content or download information from them.

 temporary email accounts

  • avoid spam and spam could generate some pages in your personal email.
  • To remain anonymous when you want to test a web service.

How safe is to use a temporary email?

Most sites offering these services keep no records of your personal data , for example, your IP address. Therefore, your safety is never compromised. In addition, you avoid remove the ads from Gmail inbox or other mail .

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The best pages to create a temporary EMAIL

On the Internet there are countless pages created to offer such services. I’ve saved the search time and have compiled the top 5 pages to create a Temporary email . At the analyze, delve a little about the features that each possesses.

10 Minute Mail

If you need is an email to remove all traces of use before long, this page is certainly what you want. As its name implies, 10 Minute Mail generates a random email account that lasts 10 minutes . Although you can extend the time before time runs out, I spent that period containing all be removed.


Allows you to choose your username . Based on it, YopMail generates a combination to create your temporary email account. Not only can receive email, it also gives you the ability to send anonymous messages but only between @yopmail accounts. The information you receive under this domain last 8 days , after which all data will be deleted automatically.


This is a free portal that generates temporary email accounts. Also it has a premium version that provides other functions. One of the advantages of this site is that you can easily change the mailing address. It also incorporates a button to copy the address , which saves some time, because it avoids having to manually record the email.


One of the best pages on this topic. Maildrop has a simple and intuitive interface. It can create a custom temporary email address or choose the page you suggested. One of the features offered is to create and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously .


Finally, Getnada listed as a reliable and anonymous page. As in the above, this page address generates a random mail. It also has an inbox where you can view incoming messages.

I delete spam

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Messages are deleted after 7 days of receipt. And the domains are automatically deleted after 1 month of activity. However, this page offers you the opportunity to create a new direction and pass messages from one to another .

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