How To Protect And Make Safe My Email/Email

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Since its inception, the use of the email or email has been varied. What if is certain is that has always been useful in many walks of life, coming to be an important part of any process.

This lets us see if you have or are you going to create an email account or email you must protect them as much as you can, but how? This will give you the answer below under the topic how to protect and safer my email/Email.

How to protect and Safer my Email/Email

But first, let’s talk about why it is so important you to protect and keep your mail safe.

The importance of protecting and safer my email/email

You may downplay protect your e-mail, but actually this is a critical issue and even more if you make constant use of it. In your mailbox every day you get a lot of information work, school, among others, private information that surely you would not want others to see without your permission.

Within the cyber world there are many good things but also bad many things, such as hackers , people hidden among the leftovers of the internet, ready to steal your private information.

These subjects are pitfall and a threat to the information in your email. Is this not reason enough to protect your email? The obvious answer is a resounding yes. But how to tell if your email account has been hacked , well first you have to protect very well your mail and in case of suspicion of hacking, review it.


So without further ado, let’s see how you can do to protect and make your email more secure .

How to protect and make safe my email/email

Then we’ll give you a tips that will be very useful in protecting your email, then, you can rest assured that nothing of what you have there will be a victim of hackers or anything else that hinders their security .

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How to protect my email/email

This time, we will separate the protective measures of security, as these are two different things. The term “protection” covers the use of simple measures against internal threats, while the word “security” is used to discuss more complex threats and measures.

Let’s start talking about protective measures with regard to your email. Among the simplest measures are not open emails from unknown recipients, much less send you these links. In addition, you should avoid or be very careful with the wifi “free” that can be used to attract people and steal your information.

We also need to avoid opening your email on devices public use . And it should be noted avoided at all costs give personal information on pages that come from banks or other similar entity to this as the same are not characterized by asking for this information via email. In fact for safety, can create a temporary email 10 minutes, so avoid hacking and theft of personal information.

How to make safer my email/email

Speaking of a little more complex measures aimed at the field of security, we can rescue several measures. For example, you can try to have a secure password , a password of at least 8 characters including numbers, letters and punctuation will be difficult to detect by hackers.

Although count on a very secure password, never forget change or set a new password in Gmail or any other mail that you own, from time to time. Why not place a monthly reminder on your phone to change? Also, it is recommended that sign out your email once you have used. So you avoid anyone into this and do illegal things or change the password without your knowledge.

A very important step is to create another email to link the first to this. So you can have an email back, but also if you lose the first, you recover with this other email.

These recommendations are easy to implement but that have a profound impact in the security of your email, directly preventing access from hackers and information theft.

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Note: The email accounts Gmail or Outlook , have security mechanisms as notices, that indicate if a recipient is not reliable or this person has been identified as a swindler.

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Pay attention to these warnings! These are the easiest measures protection and security you can apply to your email/email.

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