How To Send A Mail With Bcc In Outlook Or Gmail Easily?

Send an e Bcc in Outlook or Gmail is not difficult. It’s a really simple and useful function but people often do not consider ignorance. It is commonly used when you want to Forward a copy in an email to someone, but do not want the main recipient is aware of this.

The following tutorial will you explain function CC and Bcc boxes at the time of sending emails and how to send the same message massively protecting the identity of different recipients (so that no can remove the IP address of an email for example ).

What are the boxes present to sending an email and its functions?

The first thing you need to know to learn how to send an email with Bcc in Outlook or Gmail is what the recipient boxes and what each one of them. Having this knowledge will help you use them more efficiently.

In the process of sending an email to see the first box will be “ To “. It shall be the main recipient or recipients of the mail. Bear in mind that if you forward this mail as a copy, all those who receive it will see this information because it is totally public.

The next box is “CC” that is short for “Carbon Copy” . In this field shall the people you want to send a copy of the email in question. The information you put in this box is public. So all recipients, both main and secondary, will see who you copied the mail.

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The last box is the “Bcc” these acronyms represent hidden copies out. A the same as the previous box lets you send copies of the mail to other people besides the main target.

The difference here is that it is blind copies, so no one will have access to this information. &Nbsp; These are used to when sending an email Bcc Outlook or Gmail .

Send an e Bcc in Outlook or Gmail

When you go to send a mail always see the box “ To ” and aside from the same options “ CC and Bcc ” that are disabled by default. To make use of them only have to click on them.

It is important to know that, to send an email, there must be a recipient. However, this does not have to be in the box “ To “. This way you can place only in the boxes “ CC ” or “ Bcc ” if you want to send a blind copy mail in Outlook or Gmail.

In addition, you can make them visible only those you want, placing them in boxes “ To ” and “ CC ” using the box “ Bcc “to the recipients you want to hide.

Also, it can be said that the difference between the boxes “ To ” and “ CC ” is conceptual. In this case, it is expected of the main recipients an email response or confirm receipt. While copying is only to inform recipients placed there.

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Thus, if the intention is email send a blind copy in Outlook or Gmail , you just have to write the email you want to send. Then, when selecting recipients you have to do it in the box “ Bcc ” previously activating it by clicking on it. So the mail recipients have no knowledge of whether it was sent to others.

This action is quite used when sending mass emails desired. thus avoiding that people have access to the email address of other users who have received the message. This APRA was implemented to protect the security but still leave send mails massive, such as Gmail not allowed to send mass post just for protection.

Now that you know this, it is time to look for other Outllok functions that can be useful, as it allows you to block all spam that comes , or leaves you send e-mail   AOL .

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