How To Add And Subtract Dates In Excel -Sumas And Subtract Days, Months And Years

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With Excel can do all kinds of work, organize a monthly, weekly and even tasks manage all week schedule and invite other users to modify that table from Google Drive and other activities with a single program.

How add and subtract dates in Excel -add and subtract days, months and years

In this article we’ll show you a simple way and explained step by step so you can carry it out.

How many times have you wanted program or calculate future dates to at the end of a project you can visualize and anticipate other activities, ie show us exact date of the time we finish a project or some important event in an Excel Documentas.

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How to add or subtract days to a date in Excel?

Here’s an example that you wanted to calculate maturity of monthly bills and this will take place in Excel , in this way can you manage it following the steps that explain them below.

First you must make the organization chart, with separators between columns: Due Date , +/-days and then finally, Transfer Date money to pay service.

In the first row you indicate the date of their final maturity and the next row of days placed the number of days to add or subtract from the initial due date.

In the last cell where we place the date of transfer or payment of money, we will make the following formula: A2 (the first row “Expiration Date”) + B2 (where we put the second row day added or subtracted).

In the end the formula must result in the row transfer date the results were observed and thus have full control of the new expiration date.

This formula you can use in all cells need to do this same calculation.

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How to add or subtract months to a date in Excel?

To begin we must make a picture like above with different characteristics, such as for example, place a start date with day and month in the first row.

Then in the second row must place the months we want to subtract or add the date we added in the first row.

And finally, in the last row must put the formula to give the final date, the formula will be: = EDATE and within quotes will place “A2” ( start date we place within the first row) + “B2” (number of months to add or subtract we place in the second row).

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How to add or subtract combination of days, months and years in Excel?

To begin, we must make the placing table in the front row “Date” with day, month and year of what we need to calculate.

Then we open a new row where we will place “+/-years ” so we can place the number of years we want to subtract or add the date of the first row.

In another row would be the third in the table, place “ +/-months ” and place the figure we need to subtract or add to our initial date.

In a last row before we place the days, “ +/-days ” that will add or subtract to the starting date.

In this way the last row will place “Result” and there will give us the final figure and subtract the sums that have changed in the following rows from the initial date.

With these options can make changes to the dates and deadlines to change and be the slope of the important dates of your day with this tool. Best of all, you can also learn to multiply automatically in Excel in the easiest possible way. We also recommend that you learn to use the most useful shortcuts you can do with your keyboard to the process much easier and more effective

If you served this article, you can find many more in where you will find guidance on tools like Excel, Word and Powerpoint step and above all free guides.

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