Adding two links or hyperlinks to a cell in Excel

 add two links excel cell

With each innovation companies specializing in software development, new needs arise by users, leading these companies are forced to follow innovating constantly , making updates for bug fixes and implement new features. Including innovative way of adding two links to a cell in Excel.

Let’s talk about office automation

Inside the universality of programs that can count all computers in the world, without a doubt, the office software have become a mainstay, an element that plain and simple You can not miss a computer .

The program highlights in this area for many years, have been developed by Microsoft, which are part of the package Microsoft Office .

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However, it is indisputable that the most important programs in this package are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Word processing and spreadsheet most widely used worldwide.

The importance of Excel

Although, initially, these programs can maintain an interface that, at first glance can give impressions very basic, reality is another. No wonder many organizations have dedicated themselves to teach courses at different levels to educate people about managing these programs especially Microsoft Excel.

 excel laptop importance

This spreadsheet has an extensive range of features and tools that are simply extraordinary. Excel is a program that has been designed for development of different types of documents that go far beyond the numbers, formulas and charts. All to the scope of a href=»»> .

That is why, if you’re just beginning to investigate the features and tools that keeps this great software, this article will surely be important.


Among the elements that can be part of any spreadsheet you make through Microsoft Excel, the hyperlink is one of them.

What are they? Simple, hyperlinks serve as a reference to another document , web platform, email address, among other things. insert a hyperlink in Excel is the easiest way to refer to a location.

The type of hyperlink may vary according to your needs or the destination to which you want to direct to the person who is reading your article, document or spreadsheet, you can refer the user to another element that is within the directory on a computer or, as it has been said, a web platforms . It all depends on what you need.

Add Hyperlink to a cell Excel

Insert a hyperlink in Excel is a really simple task. In case you need to enter the address of a page web, just follow a few simple instructions, which are shown below:

 add hyperlink excel cell

  • Select the cell you want to add the hyperlink.
  • Click on the «Insert» tab.
  • Click on the «Hyperlink».
  • Add the web address to which you want to direct the user to view your spreadsheet.
  • Click «OK»

Done! Thanks to these instructions, the hyperlink will have been succesfully added to cell Excel so that, at the click on it, the browser of your choice by entering the page you pointed out will open.

But I need two! What do I do?

Now there are people who need to add more than one hyperlink. The ideal solution would be that these are added in different cells. But the needs of the worksheet to which you are shaping, you can demand that containing two or more links in the same cell .

Is there a solution for this type of case? Unfortunately, it is a very difficult mission to accomplish, because the hyperlink occupies the entire cell. So, no matter how many directions put, the cell will direct you to one direction.

Alternative end

Although not function as a hyperlink as such, if you need to have two e-mail or web pages in a cell, could use the option to insert a text box . adjusting the height and width of the cell , you can copy two directions in text format. Being one of the alternative ways to add two links to a cell in Excel.

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