Adding Or Put A Background Image With Watermark In Excel

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Microsoft Excel has been over the years the most used tool when performing numerical calculations for work. Still, for many it is new and strange since they have never had the opportunity to use it and learn its many functions.

So, if you’re new to using this software, this article will learn what Excel, how to use and how to add a background image with watermark using this program.

Adding or put a background image with watermark Excel

Excel was released to the market in 1985 as a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft primarily for Windows. This features calculation, graphing tools, tables accurately appraised and macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

This application or program is one of number created by Microsoft to facilitate certain office work and make the office suite. Therefore, although other programs of office automation suite contains tools similar to those offered by Excel, the only one that can give you a complete experience in this field is Excel, a leader in this area.

Microsoft Excel book

What it is Excel and how does it work?

microsoft office As mentioned at the beginning, Microsoft Excel has become a leading program in this field so today is without a doubt, spreadsheet more used by both users Microsoft and other users to whom they were made available.

Given this, then Excel is a program of the leaf type of calculation that allows operations with numbers arranged in a grid. This program allows you to add a column or more automatically cells, it is also useful for more operations complex.

A spreadsheet is a program capable of working with numbers easily and intuitively. This requires a grid in which numbers, letters and graphics are introduced.

This is a program that forms the Microsoft Office office suite . A spreadsheet software, mostly used by those working with mathematical tasks and financial.

Although originally created with the intention that its use was exclusively for those working in the administrative and financial field, actually now has tools and features that make it versatile and multipurpose.

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For that matter, using Excel is possible to carry multiple records and controls particularities that have nothing to do at any time with calculations and conform essentially text.

Using Excel can draw up tables of information, create charts from numerical data entered into the spreadsheet, create a professional invoice from scratch , budgeting, among other functions. If you want to know what other options and basic tasks containing Excel, you can read on the official website of Microsoft.

 Draft watermark Excel Workbook

How to add a background image with watermark in Excel?

A water mark usually be an image or text, with a soft color and with some transparency, is added to a document or an image for different purposes. And while we have this option in Word , it is also possible in Excel . We will explain step by step.

Step 1

The first thing to do is choose the image you want to add you the watermark. To do this you must place you in “Insert” and then just clicking the “ Header and Footer “.

Step 2

Once there, opens another tab called “Tools for header and footer” in the “ design “. Then press “Image”.

Step 3

Choose the picture you want and click anywhere outside the header to see the watermark.

Step 4

If you want to do is copy that format into other images, click on the header of the spreadsheet.

Step 5

Ubícate again on the “Header and Footer”, then press the “ Image Format “.

Step 6

In the options box “ Image Format ” you must select the “Image” tab, then “Color” and finally select the appropriate option.

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Now you can add the watermark in Excel that both want to do, you can also create a form in Excel to enter data, it is very easy to learn.

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