Inserting Graphics In Excel Using The Repeat Function -Easy And Fast

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Have you ever ever wondered what is the “Repeat function” in the Excel program office? Would you like to know how you can insert graphics into Excel with repeat function? If you are interested in learning how to use this feature, here we’ll show you a quick and easy way all you need to know to apply it.

As we know, Excel is a software package Microsoft Office, which shows in its interface a panel with a spreadsheet and a variety of tools to develop accounting jobs and finance, also allows the development of statistics and graphing taking data according to the number of variables is used.

Inserting Charts in Excel Using the Repeat Function -Easy and Fast

What is the repeat function in Excel?

The “Repeat function” Excel is a computer sub-algorithm used to repeat in a second cell, a number of times , the text of the first cell selected.

Because the “Repeat function” is a very useful complement to Excel, most people tend to use them for graphics as the horizontal bars when create spreadsheets , where you can see the numeric values ​​ of the main cells in a didactic way.

Inserting graphics in Excel using the repeat function

When we developed a table in your spreadsheet to work with the variables that we intend to develop, I must depart a column for graphic that will make the “Repeat function” as It is shown in the following example:

 Excel table in the repeat function

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When we have established in our spreadsheet data with which we will work; and secluded column in which insert graphics with repeat function. Perform the steps described below:

  1. Following the example expressed in the picture, the first step is select the cell “D2” that is located under the name “graphic”.
  2. It write the expression: = REPT ( “symbol”, number of times)
  3. .

  4. Inside the brackets we place the symbol we deem appropriate to develop our chart. The used in this example is “|” obtained after pressing Alt + 124 on your keyboard. This symbol is ideal because it allows bar-shaped display the length of the chart.
  5. Place a comma followed by the symbol and insert the number of times we wish that this be repeated to form the graph. In the example select the cell “C2” that contains the number of times you want to repeat our symbol; to represent the graph of the main variable.
  6. Once the symbol and the number of times it is repeated placed; give Enter to insert the operation and appreciate the first bar of the chart.
  7. To make the separation between each symbol is completely reduced. Select Start panel, the “Stencil” font; this in order to appreciate properly prepared chart.
  8. Finally, clicking on the lower right corner of the cell where our chart and dragging it down; We cover the other cells of the other numerical values ​​ to automatically form other graphics, can edit graphics and change size.
  9.  Table to insert a graphic in Excel

    Benefits of inserting graphics in Excel

    By nature, human beings tends to be very visual; often for some planners and programmers tedious and a waste of time; be looking at the statistics for a given product, variable by variable to see which is the one that best fits your requirements.

    Therefore, tools like the “Repeat function” in the Excel program are useful for inserting graphics; that allow us to visualize a much faster, variables that satisfy our needs and even indicating if they are accessible or not, Excel offers many options such as insert pie charts in cell.

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    So quickly and easily you could learn to insert graphics into Excel using the repeat function. In addition to seeing how this useful feature benefits you and know that you can apply for any job . If you like, do not forget to share and leave your comment, for your opinion motivates us to give you the best information.

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