Assigning Names To Cells Or Ranges | Manage The Name Of The Cells In Excel

Excel is one of the most interesting tools present in Microsoft Office , using it is possible to take control of undertakings, businesses or institutions. If you work with Excel you have to know how to assign names to cells or ranges | Manage the name of the cells in Excel.

Give a specific name to cells or ranges within Excel has many positive points, is why any user who uses the platform should meet these basic principles. Today we’re going to teach this simple procedure, which will greatly enhance their Excel tables.

Assigning names to cells or ranges | Manage the Name of the cells in Excel

In turn, we recommend insert foot notes and end page Excel , another process useful to organize an Excel table, read on to name the cells.

What are the ranges in Excel?

When we talk about ranges within the platform Excel we mean all those sets of related data that make up a value. For example, if we talk about daily income monthly and annual level subsequently, the range would be all the securities belonging to a month.

In other words, the ranges would be each day belonging to a given month, for example January would be a range, just as February and so on. As noted above, ranges are only a set of related data .

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What is the benefit of naming the ranks?

When given a name to a range, it is easier to access it, just as perform mathematical operations between various ranks will be provided, since only enough write the name of the ranges to review the process very easily.

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Specifying aspects such as names and many other aspects, it is possible processes used as filter table data by font color, cell etc , which will facilitate the work with Excel tables.

It is a primary elective to take proper control of extensive tables, do not use names to define ranges, surely complicate any proceedings. It is for this reason that we recommend you learn this simple function, thus their Excel tables will have a better overall quality and be easier to use.

How to assign names to cells or ranges | Manage the name of the cells

The Excel tool in the system of Microsoft Office, allows multiple mathematical operations and various kinds very easily. That is why it is imperative to handle any workspace.

At the same processes as basic as to name ranges or cells is very important that every user should handle. Today we’ll show you in the simplest possible way to perform this procedure. Read carefully, but before, you might consider names use macros to import Excel files , continue

  1. Once you are inside the table, you must locate those ranges that should give it a name.
  2. The selection process is very simple, you should only take into account when selecting ranges should not select the box labeled, however select only the values ​​within that range .
  3. After selecting all have values ​​within a range, should be located at the top left of the screen. There the value of the first cell is displayed, you must change this value by the name you want to give, for example, first semester. Without leaving this place, press Enter to apply the changes.
  4. This process must be performed with each of the cells that make up a range. Only or you must provide the specific name for each.
  5.  typing on keyboard

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    After the above process will correctly name given to each of the ranges of your Excel chart. Is a process very beneficial with which facilitate operations such as find data in two or more Excel within your table and many more. You see also fairly simple to do.

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