How To Calculate Or Take The Overall Average In Excel Formula -Step By Step

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Mathematically speaking, the average is the central trend referenced by a series of numbers. On this day we will tell how to calculate or take the overall average formula in Excel step by step.

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Figuring or Remove General average in Excel formula -step by step

In mathematics take an average is calculated by adding all numbers and dividing by the number of numbers that you added. For example, if you want to know how much is the average notes of course must do the following:

Notes tests: 7, 8, 10, 6

Number of test scores: 4

Average test scores: + 10 7 + 8 + 6/4 = 7.75

All this you can apply in an Excel document automatically using formulas. Then we’ll tell you how you can do it (note that before should download the latest version of Office since its , because if you can not that many options described here do not appear).

How to calculate the overall average of Excel in a column step

In this section teach how to calculate the overall average of Excel in a column step by step.

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As mentioned earlier, we need a series of different numbers to calculate the average of them and add them to all of them. In case you have text and numbers in a cell, first must separate names with formulas in an Excel spreadsheet.

To perform a sum and then a division automatically must use the formula: = SUM (Cell 1: Cell 2)/quantity of numbers that you added , in case you want to select a series of continuous cells in a row or = SUM (cell 1, cell 2)./total number , if you want to select cells specific

You can also select the cells directly with the mouse.

Another way is using the average formula This, to the function like = SUM can be inserted in different ways:.

  • Click on an empty cell and type = AVERAGE (cell 1A: 10A) or = AVERAGE (cell 1, cell 2 ). Remember that if you enter the colon are indicating a section, and the semicolon specific sections or cells.
  • Position yourself on an empty cell. Click on Fx in the toolbar you have at the top of the screen and enter Selecting a function & gt; Average & gt; Insert Function & gt; To accept. Now enter the range of cells you want to calculate.
  • Enter the sign = in an empty cell . At the top of the screen, where you can edit everything you write in a cell, a menu will open with all the functions Excel. Now the parentheses type the range of cells you want to calculate.

How to calculate the mean, median and mode in Excel easy and fast

Now let’s see how to calculate the mean, median and mode. As mentioned above, the mean is the overall average or weighted, also called arithmetic mean, represents a fair value.

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Medium is the number value occupying the center position of a series of numbers Following the example of the principle, if the numbers were:. 7, 8, 10, 6, the medium would be 7.5.

fashion is the number is repeated more times or that has more often.

Now that we know what each one, see how to calculate with different formulas in Excel.

To calculate the average, we use the average formula as explained in the previous section.

Calculating the median we will use the formula: = MEDIAN (Cell1; cell 2) or = MEDIAN (Cell 1: Cell2) . The median can equal one of the values ​​in the display range or not.

To calculate the mode, we must use = MODE (Cell 1: Cell 2). O = MODE (cell 1, cell 2) Here we must make a clarification, and that depending on the version Excel’ll have to use = MODE () = MODE.ONE () = MODE.VARIUS.

In older versions can only calculate a single number fashion, while most current versions, you must choose to MODE.ONE , in case you want to find the number most often or MODE.VARIUS to search multiple values ​​in the event that there is more than a fad.

As you can see, using Excel formulas is extremely simple and practical, especially when it comes to extensive lists.

However, to learn how to perform perfectly all there are processes that continue to seek information, so recommendation should look like: How is use all Excel formulas in a spreadsheet ?.

Or, you can Search How to insert formulas in text boxes ?, So that formulas can handle every possible way.

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