How To Change The Color Of The Appearance Of A Microsoft Excel Sheet?

Excel sheet with colors

Although Excel is preferred applications of the office suite of Windows is one of the most useful tools and has many functions. Whether you are an expert user in this program or if you want to begin a journey with him, is good to know this stuff . Find out how you can change the appearance of color in an Excel sheet to improve your cash job.

Excel as an essential tool

The premise of Excel runtime is able to work financial and accounting thanks to its functions and spreadsheets. It was introduced in 1989 as well as other programs that form the suite of Microsoft.

Although this program may seem tedious, has up to 500 functions and points out that nearly 750 million people, are constantly working to keep the program updated. His mathematical functions and formulas, Excel, although the scope of many, used by few.

For this, read to you learn some basic stuff to help you go grab it like this program. You will also learn how to change your taste to feel more comfortable using it.

These functions, although they are the most simple and has nothing to do with the program’s objective, it is good to know. Like, for example, such as changing the appearance of the color of a sheet of Excel.

basics you need

While some small tutorials on some tools, you can learn to manage in a very short time. Then you can start using Excel and you can add the Settings you want to change the color and appearance of an Excel spreadsheet.

Although it is a more advanced feature in Excel macros, you can also create instructions that are already stored for use at another time.

excel green background logo

Paste Special

It is like a better version of the popular copy and paste , because with this, you can copy items you want and that no cells of the leaf. So you not copy formulas or formats that you should not willy-nilly. When you copy the cell information using the Ctrl + Alt + V and select what you want to copy. To stick everywhere use Alt + E + S + V

Includes over lines

When you add rows to a table, you can do individually, of course, it will take more time, this feature allows you to save the minutes. Use Ctrl + Shift + to select the number of lines to add and click the right mouse button to insert.

Quick Suma

It is one of the most basic functions and surely know the college, adding a row or column. With this command, you can select the cell or faster final column. Use Ctrl + Shift + = to activate.

Excel has so many features and tools that even can add cells which are two sheets different.

More control arrows

It is good, especially when you have full sheets with lots of data, and allows you to access the last digit in seconds. Use Ctrl + down arrow to get to the end and also Ctrl plus other arrows to go to where you want on the page.

Customize your program. Learn to change the color appearance of an Excel file

Now that you know a little more about this application, it is time that you can go change his appearance so that, when working may feel more comfortable in your workspace. You can start by changing the appearance of the color of an Excel spreadsheet with the following steps.

With Excel also have the opportunity to change the color of a cell necessary.

 excel sheet color add

Layout ” choose “ Themes ” to change all the colors, fonts and objects of all spreadsheets, these are predefined. In addition, however, you can go and set personalization default theme in your Excel sheet.

Another design tool offered by the Excel program and differentiate your values ​​or texts quickly you can put a color in a row according to the text or value.

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