Changing From Lowercase To Uppercase No Formula In Excel

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When working with the sheet of Excel calculation always, it happens to run into the problems we can not solve and we wonder what I can do. But lies real problem is in ignorance and use their functions. But in your case, you can tell they are many and in this article I will show how to pass lowercase to uppercase in Excel without formula.

How to change the case of Excel character no formula

To use this feature, we will apply several different ways, but we will give the same results and change the uppercase and lowercase. For this, we use the UPPER This is achieved with the full text is capitalized. But the may also be used depending OK will change the first letter.

In addition, there is still another feature and known as the fast fill name, which will allow each initial letter is capitalized. Here we explain how to use each of them, as we have done in the tutorial that will explain how to insert and configure ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel, all in a very simple way.

How to go from lowercase to uppercase in Excel without formula

To start our tutorial will explain how the High function to this interventionist spreadsheet and type text tiny is used. This will do in a column, now you need to add a new column. This should be next to the column in which you enter text.

To do this, you position on the letter of the column where you wrote the text, for example, if you wrote in column A place yourself on this.

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Then you right click and from the context menu, select the Insert option. Now move to the right in the first cell of the new column and you put formula function UPPER .

To do this, you must click on the function of the option in the Tools menu in the Startup tab &NBSP. It is located on the right side and said AutoSum click the arrow for the different formulas unfold and select UPPER.

And then you write in the parentheses of the formula column in which are written the text and the first cell and press Enter.

immediately the text you typed in the first cell of the first column appears in the first cell of the second column capitalized. Now just click on the lower corner of the cell and drag to the end copying.

How to change lowercase to uppercase using rapid filling

To use this function, the first thing you do is type in the first column a number of names   and last all lowercase. At the turn this feature automatically changes Case the first letter of first name and the first letter of the name. To the right of this column should have an empty column, otherwise insert a must.

Now you need to select the first cell in the empty column and this should be on the side of the first cell start writing names.

Click on this cell and type the name you entered in the cell on the side . But this brand of time that the first letter of the first name and the last name is capitalized, you press Enter.

Now go to the main menu and select the Data tab and you find here and select the Quick Fill option. You can also activate this function, using shortcut keys , you must press Ctrl + S. Thus, this change in the data column in the column number 1 is placed or initial capitalized names.

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And finally we must remove the column where the texts are in lower case , you can use this handy feature in your spreadsheet. And so we end this article and show you How to change lowercase to uppercase in Excel without formula.

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