Changing The Font Size Or Font In All Cells In Excel

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It is desirable to have some knowledge of Excel; learn the basics of how Excel formulas are used in a spreadsheet . Excel comes with Microsoft Office; It is a unique instrument created to facilitate the user, using mathematical operations. Best of all is that Excel is excellent not only on a professional level, but also on staff; taking accounting of the family. You learn to change the font size in Excel.

Always they learn new things with Excel; for example if you have a graphics may count or add the number of cells with color Excel or if you have a table of different values ​​href=””> .

Today we’ll show you some basic functions of Excel, to modify the font in Excel and take advantage of the maximum use .

How I can change the type and size of the font in Excel?

Perform this task is a very easy and simple , just follow the step by step provided below and be an expert in a few minutes, see:


  1. First you enter your Excel.
  2. At the top of Excel, on the Ribbon “Start” from the toolbar , you must go to the source part and choose the font that suits you you; Can choose the font size and change the font of the same. So you can put the letters in bold and italicized.
  3. If you want to change a single cell only stop you need by clicking on it to that cell and then go to the steps above. If on the other want to hand modify all the letters you cell shading them and Similarly follow the step previous step.
  4. This way you can change the font size in Excel cells.

    How I can change the size of cells in Excel?

    It is equally easy to modify the size of the cells in Excel see:


    Wide part:

    • Now once in your Excel window you determine if you want to change the width or height of your inbox.
    • If you only want to change the width of your box, dale click the same .
    • Position yourself in the cells at the top leaves the cursor position on the right side until you see the sign of the cross, once it appears left do sign click and use the mouse to move to the side you want to change to larger or smaller to that box.

    Upper part:

    1. Modify the top simple , you must position yourself in the part where the numbers are in the left side, then you must be in the bottom of the row until you exit symbol cross.
    2. You must give with the left click to make stretch or reduce it , when you have the desired size alone should stop clicking.
    3. This way will modify the top of your inbox Excel .
    4. How can I make a table in Excel?

      You will learn very quickly see:

      1. Log into your Excel sheet and data sets containing the table .
      2. Shade all cells to work, eg from cell A1 to L1.
      3. You click on “merge and center” in the toolbar. In doing this several cells will become one. You can increase the font size or change the lyrics as we learned at the beginning.
      4. Then we go to the “Fill Color” , and choose the one that best suits your table.
      5. To name and focus the boxes, you must make a new selection, but this time will be from A2 to L2 and will use the tool “wrap text”; Similarly you can choose the font size.
      6. Now just adjust the column width, keep the document Excel and go.
      7. As you can see, it is easy to use Excel, and now that you know change the font size in Excel, the next step will be to learn how to apply styles and formats on a table or cell in Excel . Wait no more and innovates with this handy tool adapted to your needs.

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