Comparing Lists Using Data Consolidation In Excel -Step By Step

Excel has many tools that will facilitate greatly the work of office, one of the most useful options is to consolidate data . Through the following tutorial you will learn how to compare lists using data consolidation in Excel -. Step by step

If you know consolidate the values ​​or data in a row you should know which may extend the use of this tool making comparisons. Without further ado, read the following article to learn more about data consolidation in Excel.

How to Compare lists using Excel data Consolidation -Step by Step

What you are to compare lists using data consolidation?

Data Consolidation Excel allows many functions, we might say that the limit is only the ingenuity of those who use the tool. One of the most interesting features that allows data consolidation, is to compare lists or sheets with different elements.

In this way can corroborate many aspects of your table, as if data can then delete duplicates in Excel . Consolidation also can see if you have data that appear only in a list or another, and so on. To learn more about the carefully read the following guide.

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How to compare lists using data consolidation in Excel -Step by Step

Compare lists using data consolidation present in Excel is a very useful trick for different circumstances. Please note that we recommend learn how to add cells in Excel sheets different, for this and many other tutorials. Without further ado read the following guide to compare list using consolidation:


  1. The first step is to prepare the environment for locating the consolidated data. Suppose you have two data sheets, must create a list to locate the third consolidation.
  2. performing the above step will ensure you get a neat and easy to read table. Having prepared the table properly, we can start the process for making the Consolidated List in our Excel document.
  3. The first thing to be is to give a value to each of the data present in the different sheets. Suppose you have two data sheets.
  4. It is best if use numbers to represent each of the lists, for what you can use the Extract function in Excel , if you have the right talent.
  5. We recommend using the number 1, 2, 3, etc., so reading the table will be much easier.
  6. For the name of each of the elements present on each sheet, the first thing to do is placed on the first page of data. Just to the side of each data add the number you selected has, which as previously mentioned, we recommend 1 should be the first list.
  7. Repeat for the second sheet data.
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    1. Place yourself on the sheet that has meant for Consolidated data , once pressure is there on the data section located at the top of the screen.
    2. Among the many options present, you must click on Consolidate.
    3. It will display all options related to this powerful option, in our case the section Function should be Suma.
      In paragraph reference or need to add data values ​​leaves the document.
    4. To this contact with the first sheet data, and drag both data and the respective number assigned to each. After doing this pressure on the add option.
    5. You must repeat the procedure with the second sheet, ie select all data and press on the Add option.
    6. In our case, as only want to do a comparison, the only box that is required to activate Left column , after that press on the accept option.
    7. After doing this is shown on the sheet designated for the consolidated data, comparative data of the two sheets.
    8. Those appearing only with the number 1 are those which are present only in the first list, while what appear with the number 2, are those who are in the second list. On the other hand those that appear with the number 3 are those present in each list.
    9. Using the above process can compare very quickly all data in various Excel. It is an especially useful option for tables that data is repeated or misleading.

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