How To Concatenate Two Or More Cells In Excel Easily And Quickly

concatenar celdas

The person, who at present do not know the different tools available to office tasks Microsoft office can not know this world live. There are several, but today we will discuss the Excel spreadsheet, you can complete your tasks Finanza and in this article we’ll show you a feature that will help you concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly.

multiple Excel cells

With the Excel spreadsheet, we can create Tabas with lots of data and data – will in turn contain mathematical formulas that reflect us by clicking on the information we need.

As we know, this sheet is formed by columns and rows and these in turn by the cells. It is important to know how they work and how to use them effectively.

Excel is ideal for people who want to keep the accounts of your company or if a student doing surveys or reflected through different graphics data collected .

we explained how now

put them into negative values ​​red or numbers. But today, we must learn to concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly.

How to concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly

We can do through different techniques applicable to the cells in our columns or rows. That expose data, it is easily understandable for us as cell combination is an excellent feature . So we will have a better view of our table ordered.

So do not miss any detail to implement this simple method, you will use in all your tables and you cuestionaras why you used Excel all this time without that knowledge. If you already   concatenate two I or more cells in Excel, you may have noticed that become a very tedious task, but now more


Measures to concatenate two or more cells in Excel

The first method that we will use has to do with the toolbar, so that way you can use the cells that span multiple columns.

In doing so, the data cover more space to write. So to do this, we click the first unit Suppose A4 and continue to the cell you need.

Following the same example, we will choose A4, B4, C4, D4, E4, covered the 4th row of five consecutive columns. Now the next step is to go to the Start tab on the main menu. Here you will find the focus Fusion option, that way we will join all the selected cells remain as one.

Try as much as possible if these cells have the information, either in a single cell, for when the combine that information will be lost.

This is why we suggest you make these adjustments before data typing or digital . Another way or method you can use to   concatenate two or more cells in Excel, is by keyboard


It is much faster, since you use the keyboard shortcuts agilizaras the process, the steps are as follows. With the cursor select the cells you want to join, you click on the Alt key and assigns a letter to each tab in the toolbar. Now we want to select the Home tab press O.

 concatenate cells in Excel

Now, the following command will enter by pressing the letter M and the number 2, this way you activate the menu &NBSP. Similarly, you observe Manara each option is assigned a letter and in our case for Merge and Center , you must press the letter C and the cells are ready merged into one as we had done in the first part.

It is important to know the different ways to activate   the same function and learn how simple and easy it is. This way, you already have a knowledge of the way and concatenate two or more cells in Excel.

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