How To Copy An Excel Worksheet To Another Workbook In Excel Without Losing Formatting

Excel is a complete program with a host of features that hardly know to take advantage to the maximum, one of these is the possibility of Copy one sheet to another book of the same.

How to Copy an Excel worksheet to another workbook in Excel without lose Formatting

It simplifies the task of copying the information we store on a piece of the file to another location without the formatting is lost .

It is actually quite simple, and then you learn to use, users often wonder how they did not learn before.

It is useful especially when makes an Excel spreadsheet to calculate price of rentals. Also with the fact you add different cells in Excel sheets.

Simplify and optimize the work is not impossible, so we bring this little quick and easy guide to start copying one sheet to another book in Excel.

Steps to copy a sheet to another Excel workbook

It is very simple, you just must have the information you want to mirror completely ready and with the format you want.

Now, if required data in a new file or book, both the container and the receiving must be open. Located on the road to play, the cursor leads to the bottom where the panel sheets.

Then right-click on the sheet in question and select the fourth option, called “Move or Copy“. This will generate a new window.

The latter has two sections, the first is determined by which book you want to locate the data (in it, another open or new).

copy excel easy

In the second, in that specific sheet will be placed. If a page of the file itself issuer gives the option to choose between different owned, and in another part of the same sheet.

This menu can also be accessed from the top panel in the “Home” section, “Cells” tab, by clicking on “Format” and choosing “Move or Copy“.

The best thing about this way to move, copy or move the information, is that, being the desktop application, formats the data will be retained, so you do not have to apply again in the Destination end .

Copy a sheet to another Excel workbook from the Web

In this case, Excel Web does not have the option to copy or move directly into the right click. For what is sought must copy the data from one sheet to another.

how move or copy

Use free online Microsoft Office Excel or specifically, is quite simple. Quickly and smoothly adapt costs nothing, just a willingness to learn.

The method is manual, but I know it is as important as knowing do it from the desktop application. The steps consist of

  • Select all data in the worksheet you want to move. The fastest and easiest way to do this is from the keyboard. For that, the commands are pressed “ Ctrl + Spacebar ” and then you must press “ Shift + Spacebar “.
  • To continue to perform step is to copy data sheet that have been selected in the previous point. For that you can use “ Ctrl + C
  • Now, open the book in which they wish to paste the data , then click on the sign “ + ” at the bottom (the status bar ) to add a new blank sheet.
  • Finally, position the cursor in the first cell to click on this and move to paste the information.
    To achieve this, it is recommended jointly use the keys “ Ctrl + V ” command will paste the data from the clipboard to the spreadsheet.

It is important to note that if the process is performed from the Excel for the web, to the copy a sheet to another workbook, not retain the conditional formatting which it was applied to the cells in the source workbook.

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