How To Create And Apply A Custom Table Style In Excel -Easy Steps

 create custom table excel

In another article and other tutorials, we commented on how easy it is to do the work through the worksheet Microsoft Office Exel . Especially if you have extensive knowledge of this program. If not, you too can have good results, with this guide, which is why you want to show how to create and apply a custom table style in Excel.

Create and apply a table style custom Excel -Easy steps

You can create and apply a table style Excel , but this would have to invest a lot of time and work. It is for this reason that we can make a personalized way, where we can have default format so we want, in advance. And thus not waste so much time creating them in the time of our tables.

This is why, This article will focus, to perform this operation with easy steps same way we did in the tutorial, where we show you how to make advanced and dynamic filters . Then the simple explanation how to create and apply a custom table style in Excel , without losing more start time.

How to create and apply a custom table style in Excel

As we all using the application Exel when making or create your tables and want to give it a need to place them format background colors, borders, colors, text, etc. but there is a role in this program, which will allow you to do this so much easier and faster.

 excel personalized

This is accomplished by going to the startup tab on the right option Format as Table. A clip making this option will show a lot of tables that already have a default format and can choose among them.

A selecting, showing you a small dialog and ask you to enter the data range . And I also ask you to select if you have headers at the top and then you do clip on the OK option.

This action will allow my board take the parameters containing the selected table and thus will I’ll give you a preset style to my table. But I not want my data table take the table values ​​preset . If not I want to customize my way or taste, to do this, let’s do the following.

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Create custom tables in Excel

To create and apply a custom table style in Excel, We will lead the startup tab and we will make clip in the format as table, all tables were deployed there and in the end it will find the new style table option. In doing this you will be shown the window where we create our personal style.

First we put a name to this table, and then place it we will give you format the table. For this, we clip in the first option and then select Format, this will show us new window and here we can define some elements.

This action must be performed with each of the options table format or those who want to customize. Every time we make clip format, a window, where define the font type , color, style, effect, contour, etc.

is present

also define the edges and filling, all these parameters will be defined by choice. In the New Style window table on the right side, we can see how is running our table in the Preview section.

Follow making the adjustment and changes in the values ​​you want to take your table in the line of table format. Choose you want to change and then select Format and repeat this action as many times as necessary.

 apply excel

Now to finish, we will go to the bottom and we will make clip on the option OK, now to find the table you create. We headed to Format as Table , clip and there we find our table in the line Customize.

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And so, with simple steps we’ve shown how to create and apply a custom table style in Excel, easy steps.

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