Creating Form To Enter Data In Excel

 create form in Excel to enter data

Create Excel form to enter data greatly facilitates the task of showing or write entire rows information. This is a very practical way fill with data rows in a table or range


Basically it is responsible for displaying all of the columns to allow data in a row look at the same time and in the same way.

This program goes beyond just the fact easily create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel to calculate price of rent. has almost endless options where It includes the premise of this tutorial.

Now if you have this type of tables or ranges and not known how to have visual access for all, then bring step by step to achieve this.

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How to Create Form in Excel to enter data

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How to create Excel form to enter data?

A totally necessary first step before starting to create forms in Excel for data, is to introduce the corresponding labels for each column. Soon you will apply your new knowledge to create a data form for a Web page in Excel.

These must be on top of them, and do not forget label none that is within the table or range. This way, Excel uses these labels to the charge establish new fields on the form in question.

Now, as to the creation of the tool as such, two rows will , the first must be the labels, which will become the field names.

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The latter are, eg. Name, last name, age, street, city, state or any other relevant or necessary that creates

While in the second, will remain the Blanks . Because there they go Excel data to be written in the different fields of the form.

Keep in mind that you can not use data forms to modify, add or remove any formula.

Step by step: create forms in Excel for data

First, you must open the Excel tool, then choose from the top menu tab number six, called “ Data ” In this, the section is located “ Tools data “, and within this section, the” Form “to create an entirely new one.

The next step is to write the appropriate information, as already explained above, labels and everything related. As seen, Create one new form is easy, simply must have clear fields need and be willing to invest a little time.

Creating the form with ActiveX controls

This type of form supports input and display data from the same grid as well as the validation of these.

One of the advantages is that ActiveX controls allow the interaction with information cells without the need to use VBA code (which many do not know how to use). They also have with a variety of properties that leave customize both behavior and appearance.

How do you do?

Before you can create forms in Excel for data content controls, you need to have the tab programmer visible in the menu .

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 put form

  • If not, you should go to the “ File ” button on the top menu. Within this, the last tab “ Options ” pop up a new window.
  • In this, locate and click on “Customize Ribbon”, add the “Developer” tab and press “ OK ” to save your changes.
  • Now, from the home screen, search from the top menu the new tab “Programmer” and in the “Controls” section press “ Insert “.
  • The last step to set it, is to choose and place the ActiveX controls that want to add to the form in question.
  • Now after created the form using any of the options, you are ready to filling in the fields assigned, either by the same person or third parties.

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