How To Create And Record A Macro In An Excel Spreadsheet? | What Is A Macro And Its Usefulness?

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Today, most people whose jobs involve collecting, sorting, creating graphs from calculations and perform other accurately appraised jobs, use Microsoft Excel , one of the applications that make up the Office suite. Excel can alphabetize names on a document and even can utilizar and work in Excel from a mobile iPhone. words is a tool with multiple options that facilitate your work.

How to Create and record a macro in an Excel spreadsheet? | What it is a Macro and usefulness?

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This program, although simple, contains tools and functions that are not so easy to implement if you are a beginner.

However, in this article simply learn how to create and record a macro in an Excel on both Windows and MacOS. But first, you need to know What is a macro and how it works . Here you’ll learn how.

What it is a macro and what is its use?

 macro in Excel Options

macro is used to automate certain tasks you perform frequently to save labor. It is an action or set of actions that can run all the times you want.

When a macro is created, the clicks of the mouse and keyboard keystrokes are recorded. Even so, after he created can make certain changes.

In other words, is a series of instructions that are saved within an Excel file to be executed when needed.

This tool is very useful because often perform the same tasks can cause us to lose valuable time we can invest in anything, therefore, the automate, by can save a lot of time.

These macros are written in a computer language called «Visual Basic of Applications» (VBA) and although clearly need to learn this language, is very simple and here learn to do .In addition, the these options, Microsoft also offers other functions and can learn from your official web site .

How to create and record a macro in Windows?

 macro setting in Windows

To create a macro, you do not need to do much. In fact, it is very simple and following these steps can do it quickly. First we will see how to do it using Windows .

Step 1

To control the Macros and VBA tools have to place you in the «Developer» tab. If you have not yet enabled this option, it is also very easy to do.

You only need to go to the «File» , then «Options» and click on the «Customize the Ribbon» option. Once there, the «main tabs» active «developer or programmer» ready option. Paragraph

Step 2

In the section must «Code» click the «Record Macro» option. You can assign a name to the macro in the «Macro name», you can also choose a key Shortcut in the «key Shortcut» , a description in the section with the same name. Press «OK» and start recording.

Make what you want it is recorded in the macro to do then automatically. Once you’ve finished, press the «Stop Recording» option

Step 3

Then you just have to run the macro to examine and test it. If you want to edit a macro recorded after only must go » code» just clicking «Macros», select the name of the macro you want to modify and press the «Edit» option.

How to create and record a macro in iMac?

If you have an Apple device, specifically macOS , here you will learn how to do the same on your device, just as easy.

Step 1

If you have not yet activated the option of the developer, you must enable it. To do this, click «Excel», then «Preferences», «Toolbar and Ribbon».

Then in «Customize Ribbon» in the «main tabs» select «Programmer» and then «Save».


Step 2

After the toolbar enabled «Programmer», click «Record Macro». Right there you can rename the macro, enter a letter abbreviated method and a description of it. Press «OK» when you’re ready to start recording.

Choose and executes the actions you want to be automated and part of your Macro. Then you just have to press the «Stop Recording» option when you are ready, the «Programmer» .

Step 3

Then you just have to try and make sure the Macro that was recorded in the right way and where you want.

If you want to edit can also do in the «Macros» section by selecting the appropriate macro name and press «Edit».

And if you want to learn other things like you can read this article to learn how to use and make referrals relating to the Macros in Excel record.

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