How To Create And Save A List Of Files In A Folder In Excel?

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Create and save a list of files in a folder in Excel is a procedure that provides users keep track of documents or content related to a specific target. Something like create an index in Excel using forms.

The package Office has become an indispensable tool for all those working with computers in their daily lives.

How to create and save a list of files in a folder in Excel

Unfortunately, Microsoft not offer a quick way to import a list of files a document, so it was necessary to do it manually.

From Windows 7, appeared a solution by creating a text that can be imported into the program to allow editing and order. Remember to know the href=””> to understand more about this.

How these types of lists work?

This procedure was created for situations where the user has a folder with a large number of files and want to organize your titles in list form after crear easily spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

This sheet can be published on a page, sent to a contact or brought before a superior of an organization.

Create a list of files in a folder in Excel can be a process that it is a bit tedious, especially if one were to transcribe the name of each title in the spreadsheet.

That’s why Microsoft team watching the degree of demand exercised his community decided to create a shortcut to facilitate this process.

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But still do not worry, because in this article you will find the exhibition of different methods that can help you create a list of any folder saved on your documents Windows .

method to create a list of files in a folder

As was discussed above, the process is based on creating a text document automatically so you can import it into Microsoft Excel.

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Start by pressing the “ Win + E ” or “ Menu + E ” to open the “ Windows Explorer ” where you will find the folder from which you will create the file list.

A the find, you must hold down the “ Shift ” key and then right-click the folder and select “ Open Windows symbol here ” or “ open command window here “in the menu displayed on the screen.

Note that the above step works only with folders rather than libraries, because libraries are responsible for organizing specific files.

This will open a black window where you must enter “ Dir/b & gt; dirlist.txt ” without the quotes and press “ Enter “, where automatically the list will be created with the titles of the files.

Now we just need to open Microsoft Excel and press “ Ctrl + O ” to open documents window is displayed.

will sail through your documents to the file that contains the list you just created (which is named dirlist.txt ) and should open.

In this way, you automatically file title list will be imported to your spreadsheet in Excel.


method to add the list to Microsoft Excel

If you decide open the file .txt see that each line of the document bears the name of the files that make up the folder you selected.

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Shade entire contents of the list by clicking on “ Edit ” and then “ Select All ” or using the shortcut “ Ctrl + E “.

In the copy, you begin to create the list of files in a folder in Excel by clicking cell A1 and paste the content into it.

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Then you will be in your complete disposal editing and modification list the way you look more organized and then save it in the direction of your choice.

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