Declaring And Working With Arrays Or Two-Dimensional Arrays In Excel

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As users are developing their skills in Microsoft Excel, they discover new possibilities within the spreadsheet . In this situation it is working with arrays or two-dimensional arrays.

How to declare and work with two-dimensional arrays or arrays Excel

Depending on the level of education, everyone knows matrices as a set of values ​​logically interrelated arranged in columns and rows. Also the data types and elements forming the matrix dimensions depend on her own.

How you can be defined?

An array is defined as a two-dimensional table containing a series of numbers abstract quantities which can perform all operations.

Similarly arrangements or arrays are sets of elements added to the spreadsheet sequentially. Which may vary by data type.

Arrays are classified by size, which will determine the list and column that contain the . arrays are subject to change so it is possible to resize . Knowing this, if the arrangement to have two dimensions, this information may contain data that contains an array.

Because Excel is able to perform mathematical operations through the use of the formulas, you can designate each box of the spreadsheet a real number to arrange it as data to work with them.

It all depends on the organizational capacity you have available to work with two-dimensional arrays or arrays setting the value indicated on the site.

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Another option that Excel offers is the fill data sheet on a table.

Why create a formula to work with two-dimensional arrays

It also can be set as array formulas, the goal is create a series of mathematical operations to ensure the effectiveness of the calculation between data.

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One of the biggest problems is that such complex operations can not be executed by the common functions of Excel spreadsheets.

Some people who have advanced mastery of this tool called Microsoft’s CSE formulas , ie “ Ctrl + Shift + Enter “.

This is because it is the necessary sequence in which keys are pressed to enter the formula in the software. However, despite being regarded as impossible operations can be achieved through it:

  • Perform counting the number of characters that has a certain range of cells.
  • Add each value of a given range of values.
  • Finally, add those numbers that meet specific conditions. Such as lower values ​​or numbers comprising limits higher or lower within the matrix.

Array Formulas for Excel

While working with arrays or two-dimensional arrays have seemed like an impossible method so far, here are the easy way to do it.

The overall objective is to perform a mathematical operation on several elements belonging to a matrix, so that should lead you by the following example:

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Whatever the case where your spreadsheet has three columns (A, B, and C) and is deployed in a total of eleven rows containing data in the form of numbers.

The steps shown here are for multiplying the values ​​of column B by those embodied in column C, to result appears in column D.

Start select the range of cells ranging from D2 to D11 and continues to write “ = B2: B11 * C2: C11 ” in the formula bar without pressing Enter “.

Just’ve completed this step, press the key combination that was previously discussed ( “ Ctrl + Shift + Enter “) to Excel deal to give you the result.

Excel has a characteristic of showing method using a formula matrix, surrounding what you wrote on the bar braces to the time when the column D is filled with the requested results.

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To work in Excel quickly and easily we recommend you use function macros, that will provide you an action and save it to use at another time. You can also use FormatConditions to add conditional formatting.

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