To Edit Or Modify A Macro In Excel -Step By Step

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In the constant quest to improve their work, users can get to wonder if possible edit a macro in Excel .

And yes, this is toralmente viable and is not as complicated as you might think. While it is true that the greater knowledge and management tool you have, the better.

Now, for those wishing to learn how to edit a macro in the spreadsheet, we bring you a step by step fairly straightforward guide.

How to Edit or Modify a Macro in Excel -Step by Step

The macro

Before moving on to edit a macro in Excel, first go over the method for creating this element through the Visual Basic , which is the way in which he also edited.

Now, to begin, you will need to click the “ Developer ” tab located at the top of the screen, including the main panel.

Then, in the section called “ Code ” located on the left side, a button called “ Visual Basic “, the latter must be chosen.

Consequently, the window is open corresponding to the editor, where, if necessary, is selected in the “ Insert ” element “ module ” section.

Then we proceed to paste or type in the window for the module code, the code of the macro you want to use. And the macro to run correctly, you have to press, keeping the window module, the “ F5 ” button.

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Finally, in the window of the Visual Basic, you opt for the top tab “ File “, then press on “ Close and Return to Microsoft Excel “.

Edit a macro in Excel

After you have created and applied the macro, if you need or want to change, it will be very easy to do it from the Visual Basic Editor.

To achieve this, simply go to the tab aimed at the “ Developer ” this is at the top in the ribbon.

Within this, there will be a section called “ Code “, which will be selected by clicking the “ Macros ” option to get a pop-up window.

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In this way, this last element, a “Macro Name “, where you must choose the macro you want to edit is positioned.

Then, on the right side panel, be given in the form “ Edit “, so that opens the “ Visual Basic Editor ” & nbsp.; so the user can edit a macro in Excel from that tool without any problem by the program.

A recurring problem: Scheduler tab

There is a situation that happens when many users have started using the spreadsheet recently or only simple functions.

And, to access the tab “ Developer ” and all related to the macro, usually necessary commands is activated it.

This is pretty quick and easy, and after doing so, and it will feature the top menu of the main options of Excel.

So to have this tab, you will need to open in the upper belt, the tab “ File ” and updated to the corresponding window.

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Within this, on the left side panel, the last option called “ Options “, thus opening a window to part with general options.

Of all those submitted, will be chosen by the edge of the side panel intended to “ Customize the Ribbon “, which will show two lists.

In this way, you can proceed to locate and activate the “ Developer “, and to save the changes, record the “ OK ” button is pressed.

Finally, returning to the home screen Excel spreadsheet or white, now appear in the upper belt we have included the tab.

And within this, all settings and functions related to the macro, divided into groups, where you can create and edit a macro in Excel.

Macros are a great tool that lets you save Excel patterns already established a task and thus be able to use later. Some features that can make macros are filter fields, crear graphics or copy data from one sheet to another. These are just some of the many features you can.

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If you work with macros you should also know that can create a macro book personal and keep it hidden to be just for your use.

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