How To Insert And Configure Activex Controls On A Worksheet In Excel

Much has been said about the different options that we can use in a spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, which can online use. It is that there are plenty of them and especially we can add some functionality form. It is this sense that we bring you the following tutorial to show you how to insert and configure ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel.

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ActiveX controls are often confused with form controls but between there are marked differences. And these ActiveX controls have certain features that can be configured. Among the best known controls that can be found are the Calendar Control , Windows Media Player, etc.

We must take special care to know, that some of these ActiveX controls can not be directly, use from a spreadsheet. And if trying to insert it into a spreadsheet is throw a message “Can not insert object”. But overall insert and configure ActiveX controls Exce l is very easy.

How to insert and configure ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel

In a previous article we could show you and teach you how easy it is to use the control number ActiveX in an Excel spreadsheet. These tutorials have a pedagogical orientation, to help you learn more about the uses of the various functions of this program

In this article we will teach you a simple way to insert and configure ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel . To do this we will lead our spreadsheet and it will locate in the main menu. This is located on the top and it will select the Scheduler tab.

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In the display you do this a few choices which go to select the control group and it’ll click Insert. Now you go to the box ActiveX controls and he’ll choose a control. If you do not find the one you need can click the More Controls option, so you can see all the controls that are available.

After you’ve found the ActiveX control and select it, then click should do in the area or the area of ​​the spreadsheet, which you want the control to appear. So you can make changes to the control, you must make sure it is in design mode. This can be found in the Developer , and then control group design mode.

Setting ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel

To which the ActiveX Control you can specify the properties, you must also run the Scheduler tab, then you Group Properties controls to clip. To do this the dialog box will appear. And you see each property, if you want to know about each of them must then select press F1.

This action will show help topics Visual Basic , you can also write in the search box the name of a property and then press the enter key. This way you can configure the ActiveX controls and give you the quality you want. This is a very simple and easy way to insert and configure ActiveX controls on a worksheet in Excel.

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This way you have instructed another function of the versatile desktop application called Microsoft Exel. We wanted this opportunity to extend a little more about the knowledge of ActiveX controls. For you to learn insert and configure them in a spreadsheet .

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