Inserting Symbols Check Into Cells Manually In Excel Using Macro

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Being able to control a large amount of data can be a big task for many people. You often see people taking account of different records on a sheet of paper. This is done through small «stripes» or «bars» that used to keep a particular account.

There are actually several ways to do this manually. But if something is true, is it not a very effective way of keeping accounts, records or forms of various things at the same time, especially if you want to do in a professional way for a company or for yourself.

Inserting symbols checkup manually Cells Using Excel macro

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Be the project you are having at hand, the best you can do to keep these accounts or records in total control, is through Excel. This is a worksheet that you can use in different ways.

usually comes in the package Windows Office , so much to thank to microsoft , since there are not many other programs you can use in the same way as versatile as Excel. Moreover, it is not only quite simple to use, but also very practical because everything you can do in a single program.

As for this aspect « handy » in Excel, we can talk at length about all you can do. Because not only can produce graphs, keep track of specific data, or perform math formulas ; but you can also add all kinds of symbols to your cells to provide an information much more easily


Among these symbols, symbols pueds use » check» check marks or also known as Checkmarks . These are classic brands that you can use to order a little better your information. See below how to put a.

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The check mark manually

If you’re in need of some kind of symbol add to your spreadsheet in Excel, it really is very simple. All you have to do is enter the Insert tab, and here find the button that says Symbol. Dale click and you open all the options available concerning symbols.

You have a lot to choose from, but here we almost want the check mark or » checkmark». Look it carefully and can put. As for this, you will see that all these symbols come from two sources in particular: Webdings and Webdings 2


If you want this, you can change the font directly in a cell with a particular letter. In this case, you can use the check mark with Webdings, you only have to type «a» and «P» in Webdings 2. All depends on the style you want use your sheet calculation .

On the latter, we also mentioned that you have the ability to stylize much more check mark on your spreadsheet Excel. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but you can change its color and the color of the bottom of the cell with the options you have up to obtain the desired visual effect for better readability.

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Adding check the progress of a macro

To add a gear check through a macro, you must keep in mind what you have spoken before of the sources , as all the macro you will do through one of the same. Start by entering Vista, and then click Macros, where you will be given the option of all macros available .

Add a new one, and add the following macro:

Under Checkmark ()

Selection.FormulaR1C1 = «a»
Selection.Font.Name = «Windings»

End Sub

And voila, you have your macro ready for use quickly when you need through your commands.

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