How To Put Or Insert Automatic Date And Time In A Cell In Excel

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Microsoft Excel was created to facilitate office work accounts, it has also become so versatile that you can apply without any problems handling text material without the need to use numbers.

Putting or insert Date and Time Automatic in an Excel cell

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However, it may seem initially to the program complicated for those without any experience in the area. Here you will learn some Excel functions, including how to put or insert the date and auto time in an Excel cell .

How does Microsoft Excel?

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If you’re new to using this application, you may wonder how it works. You may know that it is primarily oriented calculations and numerical operations , but Microsoft Excel encompasses more than that.

Although it is logical that this program can work with numbers and is ideal for calculations of mortgage loans, sums simple and even create graphs to illustrate certain calculations , the fact is that Excel can perform other jobs.

Really Excel function is to accelerate the work tabulate and organize information. Therefore, it is of great help in inserting data to manage, edit, interpret and store. In this regard, it is important that know how all Excel formulas are used in a spreadsheet.

Therefore, although particularly in the areas of administration and accounting, is also used to perform other tasks like create a professional invoice in Excel from scratch , insert images into spreadsheets and use templates to tabular information.

In addition, it can also be used to develop schedules, work or school schedules, develop calendars, to draft and manage accounting reports, among others. If you want other methods, you may be interested to visit the official site of Microsoft where it tells you more than Excel.

How to add the date and time automatically in an Excel cell?

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If you want the current time and date remain recorded on a cell in your spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel , there are at the least two ways to do it, here you will learn what, let’s look first:

Function «now and today»

With this tool, current time and date will be updated every time you open the document. Therefore, neither the time nor the dating will remain fixed.

Click on the cell where you want the time and date appear and type «= TODAY ()» if you want to reflect the current date or type «= NOW ()» if you want to see is the current time and date.

And if you want the date to be some time before or after, is also possible. You just have to put the «= TODAY () + 5» which is the current date plus 5 days function. «= NOW () -0.5» serves to display the date and time of 12 hours ago . And the function «= NOW () + 7» serves to display the date and time within 7 days.


If you want to leave a date and time statically, ie their value does not change or be updated, you can use this method.

Place yourself in the cell where you want to place the date and time and press the buttons «Ctrl +» to add the date and « Ctrl + Shift + .» to add the hour. If you want to put both together, you just have to type «Ctrl +, Ctrl + Shift +.» and press «Enter» leaving a space between controls.

If you have the latest version of Excel, the controls are a little different. If it would be « Ctrl + Shift + .» To insert the current time and «Ctrl +;» to insert the current date.

In addition, you can also change the time format from 24 hours to 12 hours. You do this by selecting the cell that is the date, right click and choose press «Format Cells» . Then you just have to add «AM/PM» in the «Type» and ready.

how to change the font size or font in all cells in Excel you can read this article that will help you learn.

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