How To Remove Or Delete Duplicate Data In Excel Formula Easily

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If you use Excel is always possible that you will fill the cells with information, some lines are duplicated. And if you have not downloaded, we recommend install Microsoft Office. And if you have cells duplicate may ask you how do you know if that happens? And how can you remove? This article will show you how.

How to know if the Excel table contains duplicate values?


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If you find duplicates in your many Excel documents, will surely become a problem when certain understanding data. Keeping this in mind, it is normal to want to know if there is an Excel column in your documents with duplicate information. And how search for data on two or more tin using Excel sheets

That is, you can see if you have duplicate data showed how you define. Now that you know who we’ll see how you can eliminate them.

How to delete duplicate data in Excel?


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If you people used to use Excel, it is possible that more than once doubled the documents in the tables. There are at least two types of double two ways to delete and show you what they are.

The truth is that Excel duplicate data removal is very simple, because the same program tells you that the data are duplicated without the deletion. However, if you want to be sure you can be careful and remove yourself. In addition, Excel has other features that will be very interesting NTAR or add the number of cells with color . As I mentioned earlier, there are two ways to define a double.

1 Form: When all duplicate values ​​or Excel are identical or entries correspond

It is logical that if you use the Remove Duplicate because you have identical values ​​in Excel tables. Remove it is very simple, just need to access your Excel sheet and place you in the ranks who say exactly the same thing in each column. In this case, can compare two lists in Excel and highlight repeated.

Now, when should simply have located delete all entries that exactly hold the same value, except one.

Now that Excel must remove all these duplicate select the cell you want with your mouse. Now you need to go to the menu called Data and select Data tools and click Remove Duplicates option.

This should go out on the screen a small box in which you click Select All and then click OK. It was then that Excel remove these duplicates exactly the same and when you do, you’ll see a message telling you is fact.

can head to your Excel table and check that have been deleted all duplicates except one is the main entrance. However, as I mentioned earlier, is not the only way to remove duplicates from your Excel spreadsheet, there is another variant of these duplicates will show below.

2 Mode: When an Excel duplicate contains values ​​that correspond loosely

It is normal that we look at the values ​​ are exactly the same called duplicates and want to remove them. However, there is another entrance which can be considered as duplicate, when the columns coincide only values ​​in bulk. They can therefore be considered as those that contain old information and is therefore not necessary.

To remove this type of double just need to follow the steps that you gave earlier with a slight variation, is that simple.

Just you select the cell where duplicate information displays with your mouse. Next, go to the Data menu name, then the Tools option where data Click Delete duplicates.

When you can, you just seem to be a little different from the variant of the previous case. You must uncheck or clear the check boxes that correspond to the columns considered duplicates. You must accept the action and show you the notice that the process is complete.

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