How To Replace Or Remove Asterisks In Excel Step By Step

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Effective management of office software can solve big problems within the academic point of view. Because they have enough tools to prepare written, graphic, Sparklines and presentations, among many other things they could make you highlight in your class or group work. Even learn to replace or remove some annoying asterisks in Excel.

But the beginning is not easy for anyone. Sometimes, no matter how simple it can be the solution to a small error, not knowing thoroughly all the features that keep these programs make it look like something really impossible to solve.

Let’s talk about Microsoft

Many companies have strongly dedicated to the development of such programs, looking to get a space within of the best programs you may have installed on your computer or mobile device.

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The polyvalent Excel

However, the programs throne Microsoft Office is more than fixed, especially when referring to programs like Word or Excel.

The polyvalent Excel

Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet most widely used worldwide , has a vast array of amazingly powerful tools through which you can structure amazing documents to keep track of accounts, manage graphics or other elements.

An important consideration

At the beginning, the management of this program may seem a bit tedious and impractical. However, it is important that proper and thorough handling of this software can make a very important place in work environments and academics.

This reason has attracted interest from different organizations take courses out of different levels so that others can explore, in a guided, easy and educational, all functions of this software and find out what they can do.

Now, the internet can also be very helpful, if you do not have time or willingness enough to attend a course, having the possibility of access platforms web specialized in spreading information on this software to solve all the problems that will arise.

Speaking of mistakes …

A situation that may be presented to anyone who is starting to use Microsoft Excel, is the appearance of signs or other items at the time to try set values ​​ to define a section of your document.

Sometimes, however much reinsertes the amount you wish to display in a cell specific, the problem could not be resolved. Most often, it is the appearance of an asterisk.

Why is this annoying asterisk appears?

At the time of enter certain types of data or information in a cell, the asterisk may appear to represent the presence of a group of characters, and could also represent a single character.

asterisk annoying

This may find it quite annoying to many people, but not all can find a way to solve this uncomfortable situation … is it because there is none? Not at all! How to solve the problems that you generate the appearance of the asterisk is quite simple, and in this article tell with instructions to do so.

Let’s step by step

What you need to do to remove the asterisk in excel is to bear in mind two words: replace text, because that is precisely the action you need to perform through Microsoft Excel tools for your cells show the information you really want to be displayed.

Doing You will not take much time and just need to pay close attention to the step which is shown below.

  • Within the «Home» tab, locate the button «Find and select» to click on it.
  • Among the options presented in the menu that will unfold before the previous action, click «Replace».
  • In the «Search» writes the symbols «~ *».
  • The section «Replace with», will be empty.
  • Finally, click on the «Replace All».

    Goodbye, asterisk!

    After having complied with these instructions, the asterisk will have disappeared from the cell (or cells, as applicable). Now that you know how to replace or remove asterisks in Excel, you can still make changes. And add all the items you want in an Excel spreadsheet.

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