How I Can Separate Names With Formulas In An Excel

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Excel is a great tool that allows do from sums in cells from different sheets to operations more complex; which is perfect for a wide range of professional and academic activities. But sometimes we need to separate some data. Well, we can separate names with formulas in an Excel How?

How can Separate Names and Surnames with Formulas in an Excel

What it is an Excel formula?

In Excel you can use codes or a set of command, we know as and insert formulas in cells to perform calculations or any specific task; generally using the values ​​contained in one or more cells in a workbook, and that the final return a result.

Separate the names in an Excel

To split a column where we have mixed the full name of a list of people, the first thing to check is If the column to the side is empty ; otherwise right click the mouse to select the “Insert” option and create a new column .

We will click on the column header where we have the names and thus select all rows; then pressed in the “Data” tab at the top of the screen and check the “Text to Columns” option used to separate texts that can be delimited by commas, semicolons, tabs, or blanks.

 Excel in the window seat to convert text column

opens the window “Wizard Convert Text to Columns” button we mark the radial type “ Delimited” and click the “Next” button; That will take us to the next step of the window and the segment where “Separators” we says disabled all options under the “Space” , and ended by pressing “Finish”.

Separate names and last names with formulas in Excel

As usual in the world of computing, there is several different ways to accomplish the same goal ; reason why we can also separate the same list of names writing an Excel formula that will give the same result we obtained in the “Data” tab with the “Text to Columns” button.

Assuming we have the list of names in column A, we should note that the B and C columns must be empty to be written separately by using the formula that we will perform; the first thing we do is to position the mouse in the empty cell at the side of the first name.

and press Enter Then we the formula bar move on top of Excel and copy and paste the following = LEFT (A2) A2;; FIND ( “”) em> to run; and if all went well see immediately the name of the first row in the cell (in our example since the 2nd row 1 has the column headings).

 Document in Excel with formulas to separate the names

Any formula in Excel begins with a sign =, LEFT function is used to write a certain amount of characters based on a text (in the example is cell A2), and the FIND function returns the number of position a character, which in this case is a blank; if the language of your Excel is in English will be the formula = LEFT (A2, FIND ( “”, A2))


Now you click on the lower right edge of the cell where you put the formula; (The mouse cursor will change to a black cross and thin) and drag it down to where the list comes of names; We do this to replicate the same formula to other cells in the column you will show the name only.

For the name we repeat the process, you position yourself in the empty cell to the side of the first name, you go to the formula bar and you place = RIGHT (A2; LARGO (A2) -Find ( “”, A2)) o = RIGHT (A2, LEN (A2) -Find ( “”, A2)) depending on the language and finalizas dragging the cell down to copy this formula to the rest of the column


An Excel spreadsheet is certainly a valuable tool that can process data in one or more cells can customize the size and des columas rows, also with Excel formulas you can do things like total amounts; to generate averages show the minimum and maximum value, or even add data from different cells.

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