How To Split A Cell Diagonally And Write For Two-Way Tables In Excel

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When working in Excel, depending on the type of format or table we need to build , it becomes necessary to have to split a cell diagonally and write to crosstabs.

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How To Divide a cell in Diagonal and Writing for crosstabs in Excel

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You may not get the way to achieve this because our knowledge in this program is basic, and know many of its functions.

Excel is a powerful tool numeric character in which may be able to generate a variety of structures, dynamic tables made with graphics and even applying formulas that allow you to perform a series of calculations.

But maybe sometimes the right guidance is needed for certain cases. And, so many commands and submenus there, becomes complicated and tedious to find the right choice.

And when doing some usual tasks in the program not only possible split an Excel into multiple files based on a column, but you can also split a cell diagonally, because in this way you will not lose time searching among many buttons.

This division is used when the user is trying to create or double entry tables manages to keep statistics and other things.

Normally, there are two ways in which it can assert a user of Excel to create the diagonal division of a cell. But usually the edges option is the most common and easy to make use.

 excel structure

Split a cell diagonal edges

This is one of the simplest options that can be used to create the division, because it is virtually automatic.

Simply, you must enter the correct menu and choose the option that is required to split a cell diagonally.

  • The first thing to do is select with our mouse pointer cell to be split into two parts.
  • Then, we click on it, which will show us a window with several options, you must choose « Format Cells «.
  • before us a popup window with a series of tabs at the top, we must turn to appear that says « Borders «.
  • You will see two sections, one on left side with line options, and one right side is divided into two (preset and edges) that are at the top and bottom part respectively.
  • The bottom option also called « Borders » will show a series of items about a bigger picture.
    In these, we will see two of them with the diagonal line, will select the one that best fits what needs to be done or work .
    In addition to them, it is possible through this window customize the color as well as style diagonal line.
  • After specifying the details or settings you want to create division in the cell, finally, we click the « OK » button.

Excel options

Place the text in the spaces of the cell in Excel

This division of seats is generally used for placing texts with different objectives in the spaces generated by it.

When looking diagonally split a cell in a table, commonly is to create data structures found , and from it compare statistics.

Before placing the text in that cell forks, should take the following steps to the foot of the letter:

  • must be selected with the mouse pointer and go to the formula bar, there is text at the top of the cell is written.
  • To add text to go down, we press the « Alt + Enter » simultaneously, and write what will be on the bottom.
  • Finally, so that the words correctly locate in the box, you must add the necessary space bar formulas (usually for text at the top).

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