What It Is And How To Add Data Labels On Charts In Excel?

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Excel is a useful tool for anyone who has a business or want to make a reliable accounting. And no wonder, because Excel has many options that make it really effective when advanced lines, charts and diagrams ed complex mathematical operations that otherwise could not do so easily.

And one of these useful options are Excel data labels. These tags can be used in different ways, but they are particularly useful for making quality graphics. If you want to know how to use them, do not worry, here we show what it is and how to add the card data labels in Excel easily and quickly.

What data tags in Excel?

Of course, you wonder what the data labels that can be found in Excel. Well, these labels are made to contain the information you want and move it to where we want.

Data labels can be moved from one place to another, to a excellent tool if you want to include quickly and efficiently in our graphic information. In fact, one could say they are similar to legends of charts in Excel .

In addition to label data on the cards that we do in Excel makes these much easier to understand, because otherwise we could not see the exact information contained in each section of the table.

No doubt you will be pleased to know that Excel has a variety of options for editing data tags that we add to our graphics. This allows you to give a unique and special touch to each of them, which makes them much more attractive to those who see it. This is definitely a great tool to enter data into forms in Excel .

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How to add data labels on charts in Excel with Windows?

A wonderful view all the options offered by the data labels available in Excel, do you wonder how easily add them to doubt our tables Excel .

Well, no problem, because here we show how to achieve quick and easy. All you have to do to add data labels to Excel charts from Windows

  • Entry for Excel and create the chart you want to add the labels in question.
  • Click the chart to open the options available in it.
  • Click Add a graphic element “, which is identified with a green + sign.
  • Once opened, select “Data Labels”.
  • In the small menu that allows you to select the location and shape of label data.

That’s it! Once done, you can move the data label to the part of the graph you want. In addition, you can write the information you want the height of the table you have created. The can also remove if you want just by selecting them and pressing the “Remove.”

Of course, you must remember that these steps apply to the version of Office 2016, whereby if the accounts with an earlier version of Office, we recommend that you go to the official website Microsoft support for the help you need


How to change the card data labels in Excel?

To make a graph certainly interests us that it has a good looks and appeal to those who see it. data tags can be easily modified. The steps you must follow to change the card data tags in Excel are:

  • Click on the label you want to edit.
  • Select the “Format Data Labels.”
  • Once completed, click “tag operations.”
  • Then select “Contents of the label.”

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Once you have followed these steps, you will find a menu with lots of options you can choose to change the label to your liking. We encourage you to continue to discover more about the proposed options useful Excel and we see that not only serves to create spreadsheets.

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