How To Make Or Create A Dual Axis Chart In Excel Step By Step

 dual-axis graph in Excel

Excel helps us through spreadsheets to create tables and act on them . We can even work in Excel from a cell phone or PC iPhone to produce graphs with data that we have previously created. In this way we will see the data created in a better way in the charts. In fact, through these spreadsheets you can also create a dual axis chart in Excel.

How to Create a Chart or Dual Axis in Excel step step

These graphs dual axis are beneficial when numbers vary your chart series or when data types are mixed, they work for the combination of columns and lines. You can also use these graphs for income per month, and organizing information effectively. Even excel you can add or insert a legend to your graphics. In this post you will learn how to insert all these functions in two-axis charts.

Insert dual-axis chart in Excel

Starting a previous data in the spreadsheet can create two-axis charts Excel O can also make a chart in Excel using data from multiple sheets . for this select data with different values; you click on insert and head to the area of ​​ insert line graph ; and will appear different options 2D online, here choose the one you want, click on that choice.

In this way you will see a box blank that would be the area of ​​the blank graph; click on the graph and at the top in Graphic tool , press the data selection.

So a window will appear on the left side that says add legend entry or series ; Click on add and a new window will appear to add the name of the series, ie category; then select the values ​​of the range or class. So can I do it with all your categories.

 insert or change graphics dual axis

From the same add you months, names and dates mode in the box select data source; in edit that is to the right of the click beam frame, then choose everything that is in the cell depending on the category, finally you click on OK.

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Add the second axis

add the second axis click on the series, then right-click on the format of the second set, where values ​​righteous are well on the right side you will have the format data series, press the option number 3 bars and you click on the options set in secondary axis.

In this way on the right side of your chart you will see a new vertical axis, that correspond to the data of the second series created.

Change the chart type

If you want to change the chart type follow these steps. In your chart, right-click on the series you want to change, press change chart type series and Box change chart type ; click on the chart type you want.

Also, if you want to change or resize a chart in Excel, to do more thinner or wider; you can even make it smaller or larger. Thus, the overall look you can change and create a chart to your liking.

Include the legend on a chart in Excel dual axis

You can also add the legend of the chart by clicking on the graph and the sign of more found in the upper right hand corner of the chart. Among the options you select legend . Click the triangle to the right, here you will achieve place where you want to insert the legend, or choose the position.

 dual-axis graph in Excel

It is convenient to use the legend as these help you to know the color that matches the series it represents. Another effective tool is that you can make any changes, such as choosing colors or designs graphic in graphics tools.

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No doubt this tool that provides Excel as are the graphics with two axes, is very useful, because these we allow effectively manage our finances; and if you have a company can meet the high and low income of your business. Now that you know this tool Excel, share if it was your utility.

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