Using The Scroll Bar In Excel Activex To Move To A Table

 use the scroll bar to scroll Excel ActiveX in a table

Excel surprises with each tool or trick that is discovered as the management of this incredible program is perfected. The amount of things you could do is really extraordinary.

To learn how to manipulate these great tools, you need to do your part to study the program. On the Internet there are a variety of courses from beginner to advanced, in which you can learn and manage effective formulas and features that your program .

How to Use the scroll bar in Excel ActiveX to move to a table

Excel functionalities

From the cells, AutoSum, formulas ranges, regular expressions, combining data found on separate sheets or different books until drop-down lists, Excel gives you all .

This is just to name a few, there are still many features and tools that may become hidden, that will facilitate your work and enliven your experience.

Scroll bar

If your situation is that you have a do not want pivot table or chart and look so extensive in the program, wanting to implement or set an object on it, ideally using a scrollbar ActiveX .

 Excel Functions

You probably think you need some outside program Microsoft Excel to use this tool, but no! No matter how complex it may seem, here you will learn how you can access this function.

Utility bar

The scrollbar ActiveX will help you movilizarte by a range of values ​​ with just a click to the arrows that show such a bar or mobilizing the scroll box will be among those arrows.

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How do I include it in your Excel file

insert or draw, the scrollbar ActiveX to your Excel file , first, keep in mind that this should be linked to one of the cells. To proceed to draw the scroll bar you should follow the instructions below:

  • You must have available the Developer in your Ribbon in Microsoft Excel.
  • If you do not have it available, you just need to right click on any of the tabs you have, click on tape customization options, check the box Developer and go.
  • Once you are on the tab indicated above, proceed to click on the section Insert , represented by a box with tools.
  • display a menu, which has two parts. Form controls and ActiveX controls
  • Click on the slider and proceeds to draw it.

One of the best features of this function, the same as most of the tools that has Microsoft Excel is that are highly customizable , you do not need more precise.

Here, you can edit its size , draw them horizontally and vertically, long or short, thick or thin. Only you adapt them to the place you need .

Linking to a cell bar

  1. It is necessary that you link the scroll bar to a cell of the Excel file. To do this, you must:
  2. Double Click on the scrollbar, which will take you to the Developer tab automatically.
  3. Select the Properties located right on the side of the Design Mode .
  4. Link the cell in LinkedCell . Property
  5. Click on the LinkedCell and it’ll enter the letter and number of the cell in which you are about to link the scroll bar (eg F8).

     linking to a cell bar

    Setting other properties

    The process does not end there, also must set the properties that appear in the low and Max . That is, specify the minimum and maximum control for the scrollbar.

    At the minimum, place could, for example: 1. While in the maximum, place could: 10. This bar is also deeply customizable, so you can change your settings regarding name, colors, how that the bar performs jumps based on clicks you can do.

    This function is recognized by the SmallChange , which, by default, will be in 1. But you can change it to do jumps 2 by 2 or 3 in 3.

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    Now that you know how to use the scroll bar in Excel ActiveX to move between tables, you might like to learn the best and most useful keyboard shortcuts Excel and you can increase the efficiency with which carry out your work.

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