Using Form Controls To Create Budget Worksheet In Excel

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You should know that to make a budget, do not need to buy any software or download an application, since in the Microsoft Windows packages, you have our PC, it is a powerful tool: Excel. This will help create forms for entering data easy and practical way.

Developing a budget is the first step to a successful future. So your main goal should be to create a very thorough implementation plan. Excel is your best ally, will make work much easier and bearable.

How to Use Form Controls Create Budget Worksheet in Excel

It is a very handy tool to use in your job, or to manage the resources of your home safer. Then we explain how to use controls give form to create a payroll budget in a few minutes.

Before you start creating your budget, you must follow these steps earlier:

  1. Check if the Excel toolbar is active developer choice.
  2. If you do not have active developer must. Place you in the toolbar, clicking the right mouse button to press customize the toolbar, locate the command you have available and activate the developer

    Use forms and create your own budget worksheet

    From this moment you are creating your own budget worksheet even Colored mark specific to where copied or write the data so we can identify cell. Then apply carefully read the instructions and you’ll get the best results:

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    1. Create the database with the parameters you need.
    2. Perform a developer selecting form. You’ll have several options to work with form controls. You will find these boxes: check checking numbers, combo boxes, and radio buttons, among other possibilities
    3. .

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    4. Once you have defined your values ​​box, select the different functions which are to perform calculations.
    5. With these steps can use the commands needed to use the tool combo boxes that allows users to locate data in a smaller space. If you have a business, you already know that budgets are essential to provide quality service . What you will read below will be very useful.

      Tips for your first budget worksheet made with Excel

      Thanks to this Office tool can create a budget spreadsheet calculating and taking the overall average formulas . So consider carefully these steps to create the budget worksheet:

      • Sum values ​​or costs. In total cell, you must enter this formula: = (cell value 1) + (cell value 2). For example: = (D14) + (D18)
      • .

      • offers discount . This only has two cases: true (discount percentage assigned) or false (total cost). It could be placed in a previous cell to the partial. The formula would have to be placed in the cell that provides data for the final total would be:. = IF (assigned cell = TRUE; celda¨x¨-celda¨x¨ * 25%; celda¨x¨)
      • For example: = IF (E10 = TRUE; D22-D22 * 25%; D22). With this data, you will calculate the total cost if no discount, or the total discount.

      If you want to add extra information to your form, and increase overall data, there is another strategy you can use to your budget is as broad as possible. You will need this formula. = INDEX (matrix; row_num; [column_num])

      To use this right formula, you have to type: = INDEX , within parentheses matrix, where have all the cells where you stored the database of customers.

      To locate the row number, collects all the data you have selected for linking the cell. Finally, for the column number, edit the number in which the addresses of your customers are.

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      It only remains to repeat the procedure for phones and any other information you want to include in your budget worksheet. And are able to provide a detailed report to your clients with which they can clearly see what invest their money.

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      In addition, you will gain good reputation and admiration if you consolidate data from multiple sheets Excel in a , because this organization and best efforts will handle your business . If you are not an expert in Excel, do not despair. With practice and some basic knowledge, you will be able to create the best budget worksheets.

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