Using Form Controls To Create An Excel Spreadsheet Orders

Computers, the internet and the large number of program are available to all people, have been helpful when performing work. Programs that are part of Microsoft Office are a proof of it.

Excel a favorite

In addition to Microsoft Word, Excel is one of the programs most used around the world, its interface provides users with a choice and tools to make things really amazing even working the spreadsheets with Play mobile app Store .

Undoubtedly, one of the programs more interesting and useful of the Office package. Have basic knowledge about this program is considered as a requirement for job vacancies related to business administration.

Much more than a spreadsheet

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Its interface hides a lot of tricks and formulas to your spreadsheet many can know, but few get to handle well enough to make them part of their daily lives. This time learn a little about the Using form controls .

 more than a spreadsheet

What are they and what are they?

These tools are objects, which can be placed in one of the Excel sheets in your book or also through macros in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) helping more control over the content plasmes in your file. Through this option, users can select items from a predefined list or start macros in a much simpler way.

How to use them?

To make use of form controls, you must have enabled the Developer in your Excel. If you do not, you can activate it as follows:

  • Right-click on the ribbon.
  • Enter Custom Ribbon.
  • Check the box Developer and click OK.
  • Enter the tab Developer , placing in the central part of the toolbar, the Insert . Option In this way, they appear on your display options offered different form controls, selecting the one that best suits your idea.

Using controls in order forms

If you want to wear a greater control over sales of your products , taking into consideration the database of your customers, the object used in the control form is the combo box.

  1. Once you’ve drawn the combo box in the area that you intended in your order form, you set the properties of the object .
  2. Right click on the picture and select Format Control.
  3. A table where you have to choose the input range, in this case, would appear to be the sheet where databases or names of your customers are.
  4. Select all cells that contain the information you want to take into account the input range.
  5. For the second frame, linking the cell, you can select any cell that is outside your spreadsheet order.
  6. Click OK.
  7. That way, you go to the combo box and a menu will be displayed with all the names of your customers or products you have selected from the database.

     use of controls in order returns

    Accessorize your order form

    To leave blank areas address or phone number and and supplement data from your customers , another trick you can use to make your payroll is as customizable as possible. To do this, you’ll need the following formula:

    = INDEX (matrix; row_num; [column_num])

    • For example, for the application of this formula, once written have « = INDEX ( ‘, the array will be all the cells in which you have the entire database of your customers.
    • For the row number, select the part you have chosen for linking cell in the above process.
    • Finally, to the column number, write the number in which the addresses of your customers are.

    Repeat the process for phones and any other section that you include in the form of orders. This way, you establish complete control on all sales you’ve done during the day, week or month using these tools extraordinary offered by Microsoft Excel, such as bloquear, protect and unprotect pages of a book Excel spreadsheet.

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