How To Use And Create Lists Dependent Deployable Excel

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The drop-down lists dependent on Excel is a very useful tool when trying to limit choices to choose from a list. other features included in this application, drop-down lists are a wonder, especially when different data can be grouped by categories are handled .

How to Use and Create Lists in Excel Deployables Dependents

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In addition, if such information is used by more than one person, this also allows limit responses or choices that these users can make. So already established that those lists are < strong> advantageous , but it is important to know exactly what they are and how they work.

In this regard, the lists drop-down , as its name indicates, is a series of data that is listed to choose from including. But when it comes to lists deployable dependent on Excel, referring to a list depends on another as to the options that shows .

That is, the information embodied in the first demarcate the fields that can be written in the second. After knowing this, it is important to learn how. As already mentioned, which list is modified in the first will affect the options the latter is present, allowing a permanent consistency of the data .

main reason that seeks the implementation of this Type . But before you can begin to take advantage, you must have certain things Pre .

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First of all, it should be a separate sheet where the drop-down list Independent to be used in the rest of the file will be created. to this sheet will call «Data1» Now, one of the best examples to illustrate the process of creating such content, is taking advantage of certain countries and their capitals.

We’ll start making a list of all countries (cell A) we need, as well as the capital (cell B) correctly connected. next thing you need is a list of single countries, for which all data is copied from the list cell a and pasted into another column, for example, D.

Then, overshadowing all characters in column D, is chosen in the « Data » tab (top menu) in the «Data Tools», the « section Remove duplicate «. with this, the guide list of countries that must be correctly identified is created. To facilitate the next step should sort them alphabetically.

Next, shade all components of the second list (in this case of the capital) and must be assigned a name or rank to the set (which must exactly match that of the first list, the country).

This assignment is done through the right click of the mouse (with objects shaded) and « Define Name » & nbsp option is selected;. The range must not have accents, spaces or differ from any how any of your presentations. Should you need space « un_ejemplo »

would be placed

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How to create dependent lists deployable in Excel?

In a new sheet with the selected cell A2, goes to the « Data » tab and the « Data Validation » option is looking in the area «data Tools». will open a window that is a wizard where to set the «Allow» field choose «List» and the « Source » field is where you will enter the name of the range to use.

Choosing from among the ranks before created, the name must be preceded by the symbol « = » followed by the country, eg , « = Spain «, and press» OK «to save the settings.

From now on to the located in cell A2 is displayed so Auto-l drop-down list has been linked with the options available to her. This process must be repeated as often as necessary to have drop-down lists necessary and meet the needs.

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