Using Pivottables In Microsoft Excel -Common Problems

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Learn how to use PivotTables in Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and useful features of Excel. With very little effort, you can use a pivot table to build attractive reports for large data sets.

How to Use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables in -Common Problems

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A pivot table is a summary of A large set of data, which often includes totals , the average, minimum, maximum, etc.

Say you have sales data for different regions, with a pivot table, you can summarize data by region and find the average, etc.


PivotTables allow us to analyze, summarize and display only relevant data in our reports


Use a PivotTable in Excel

Before you start using PivotTables in Microsoft Excel, must ensure that data from your source does not have blank rows


This does not mean you can not have some blank cells, but an entire row blank cause problems. In the spreadsheet you can watch below, there is a line that is blank, this would be a problem.

You must prepare spreadsheet to make sure consists of immediate data that you use


 data excel

To remove them quickly:

  • Go to Home & gt; Search & gt; Go To Special & gt; Spaces white & gt; Delete Rows .
  • Now simply click on one of the cells in the data source and click on the tab « Insert «.
  • Once there, find the group of « tables » and click « Dynamic Table «. the wizard should appear to create a dynamic table.

Remember that the preset data range shown in the section above the wizard. If you want you can modify it, but whenever data base has an adjacent range, should be correct.

That is why we must ensure that no blank rows before starting to make the process


  • Then leaves the option of placing the pivot table in the « New worksheet » Default and click. OK
  • Excel will open a new worksheet and place the Dynamic Table there. It may not seem like much. but you’ve created your own dynamic table.

At present the slate is blank You should also see something new on the right edge of the worksheet .. In this place it is where the available fields in the PivotTable and the four areas you can find place.

 process excel table

If you do not see

Click inside the PivotTable on the left side of this worksheet. If you do not see the fields in the PivotTable, you might check the « Show » group tab « Analyze » to make sure it is selected the « List field «.

Make sure the background is dark gray by clicking « Field List «. This way you can use Microsoft Excel pivot tables in.

The problems common to the dynamic tables using Excel

mistakes that can find the tables using dynamic in Excel can be various and different problems Here I will mention a couple of the most common problems.

Use numbers as text

Sometimes often it happens that when data is exported externally, numbers that come in the file are formatted text <./p>

Indistinctly the Excel program look like numbers are interpreted as if they were texts and for that reason does not perform the task of adding. Note that if you want to put a name to your spreadsheet so you can identify respectively.

Using Excel versions past

It is advisable to use the most current versions of Excel either for PivotTables or to do any other work.

Older versions, such as that of 2003 has another type of format, so you can give error trying to use a file created in newer versions of Excel.

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