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Sometimes we need to check whether a list of values ​​contains desired to meet the demands of the job data; Therefore, using regular expressions to validate data in Excel it is shown as a useful function , which is even used for validate emails.

we know that Excel is a tool a bit complex, but also very useful, therefore we need to understand some parts of its operation to provide us carry out our tasks.

Validating data Using Regular Expressions in Excel | Formatconditions

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Because of this every day seek and discover new features, among them are the regular expressions these help to perform any task quickly and easily


What you need to know to validate data using regular expressions in Excel?

First we determine which data is to validate , because this configuration allows us to review letters, numbers and symbols. In addition, you must know very well how to use regular expressions in Excel.

For example, if we want to verify an email that is one of the most tedious things, due to the complexity of its creation that can lead to these contain numbers; symbols or letters plus the constant presence of the @ that characterizes it.

You should only create a formula that allows us to check all these characters with a single click and expedite our work.

On the other hand, we can also verify a data between a numeric or alphabetic range, so to avoid lost time to check each cell and its contents. This facilitates even generate a pattern to validate input dates in Excel using regular expressions.

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Well, now only need to create the regular expression that will help us verify this data by following these steps:

Enable the «Developer»


You must activate the option «Developer» in Excel, go to «File», the «Options» and click still there located in the menu displayed looking for the « Customize Ribbon «now check the box» Developer «.

Visual Basic Wizard

Enter the tab « Developer » in the ribbon; still there looking for the « Visual Basic » double beam button click to open the wizard and now double-click where it says « Sheet1 » You can also do this more quickly with combination key « Alt + F11 «.

Data Verifier

Now you need to enter codes to create the data checker, you can find them on the Internet, copy and paste these on your sheet and then fill needed to be verified data of interest.

And finally, define the range

Finally you only have to give a range check by selecting the cells you want you check or writing them in the book of the verifier.

Why is it important to validate data using regular expressions in Excel?

This option lets us review the data being redirected to us by other coworkers or clients in order to improve our work and avoid failure results of the same.

So go through these data verification we did not create us or even those created by ourselves gives us the assurance that everything is as accurate as possible; thus avoiding human error due to fatigue or trouble when deliver.

Excel offers a wide range of tools , increasingly expanded and slightly more oriented to the perfection of the results.

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The ability to add macros verification and other options allows us to do this with a single click, and even easier with a simple key combination.

What are the advantages of using Excel for this task?

The mere thought of faster and easier highlights our work as an advantage in itself; reducing the hours of dedication to a single book or spreadsheet.

But this is not the only thing that makes Excel an excellent tool, we must consider also the great opportunity to keep organized data , with the possibility of recording in the same way for years.

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