Using Onedrive With Microsoft Excel Free Online Step By Step?


OneDrive is more than a service cloud storage offering multinational giant Microsoft. OneDrive is a powerful technological tool that allows multiple functions online in real time. Here we show one of these features: Using Microsoft Excel OneDrive with online

Despite its relatively late entry into the world of cloud. L a giant Redmond has managed to equalize forces with other companies that offer storage service and competitive technological support in this field.

This largely is thanks to the performance and versatility offered. &Nbsp; OneDrive, which quickly went from being a simple space more file storage and information in the cloud, to become a powerful online tool

OneDrive Microsoft offers with a multiple advanced services and applications , which can be shared online without being tied to a specific computer or electronic device.

As the cloud OneDrive there are other platforms that allow you to save your files, these are Dropbox and Google Drive, thanks to them it is also possible Save and share your Excel files.

Windows Live Folders to OneDrive

From about ten years from the version of Windows 8.1 became operational OneDrive . It was originally called Windows Live Folders . In this paper you will learn how to use OneDrive online with Microsoft Excel.

Currently, Microsoft offers this tool even the Xbox consoles and mobile devices to Android , and even some versions of the IOS operating system.

service provided OneDrive is free, but only to a certain limit capacity. When it exceeds the limit stipulated Microsoft charges a monthly fee according to the needs of the customer. This payment service is also available for the business world.


How to enable OneDrive?

To activate OneDrive you can do from an account emails at Outlook or Hotmail . Sign in to Windows, you go to your personal account or that you have available for this type of work.

You place the password, and entering a mail’ll see in the top left of the screen a picture of several points. Clicking on the box will bring up a menu with several options open to OneDrive. This note’ll know how to use OneDrive online with Microsoft Excel, step by step.

Office Online is a free service working with Microsoft work programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel online, without installing on your hard drive, just need a OneDrive, or Facebook Messenger account and a good internet.

When you sign in to OneDrive, you must follow the steps that tells the application that allows link to the email account . Another way to get to OneDrive is look through your internet browser. Place the name of the application and will take you to the mail account, thereafter already know the steps.

How to use OneDrive online with Microsoft Excel?

One of the many advantages offered is OneDrive from this app can access, work, edit and Share your files on information stored in the office automation tool you possess office.

Does this mean that, from anywhere in the world without being tied to a particular desktop. You can work your files Word, PowerPoint and Excel . you can also share your files with other users in real time, when needed teamwork, without the need for people to be in the same place.


To do this, what should be done it is to provide access through the browser to the person you’re sharing files. Not even necessary that the other person has installed the Excel tool , so you can edit or change information.

This application allows OneDrive even create a spreadsheet unpublished book online, so you do not have Excel installed. Today here show you how it works and how OneDrive online use with Microsoft Excel.

What provides OneDrive regarding Excel, is the possibility that count in the cloud with a tool that will create and store   spreadsheets   and   books , without having to load the application on the device. However, it should be warned that not all Excel physical benefits are compatible with the cloud

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