Using The Timeline Of Pivottables In Excel -Quick And Easy

 timeline using PivotTables in Excel

Computers have a whole world of possibilities in terms of programs is concerned. Developers struggle to make competition to all programs that have years at the highest point of your popularity .

None seems to represent a competition at the level of programs that make up the Microsoft Office package. Word and Excel, part of the daily lives of the people who work in drafting and analyzing data, being a ally of great help in optimizing your work .

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How to Use Time Scale Pivot Tables in Excel -easy and Fast

The performance of Excel

The favorite program of many within the Office, has tremendous versatility package. It has really extraordinary tools (especially when we talk about the you can apply formulas in a spreadsheet ) and an interface that, in the first instance, is cumbersome, but it really hides an infinite number of simple or advanced options that increases quality .

 Excel performance

Greater simplicity

Some commonly seek all those who make use of this program in their daily lives, is to give a touch of simplicity to all files to be molded.

There is nothing more tedious and exhausted that a file loaded with content throughout your body, with hundreds of columns and rows, to liven up your experience, we offer a few tips like the autocomplete will improve the efficiency of your work .

If you want your documents Excel have simpler air, here you will learn one of many techniques that have this amazing program.


In 2013, Microsoft Excel included within its toolkit, the timeline. This allows dates apply filters to all data a report or table dynamic more easily without having to use some tools that will probably involve a more complete or bureaucratic process.

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How to insert a timeline?

It all depends on your version of Excel. In this case, using the 2016 version, the procedure is as follows:

  • Once you have made your pivot table, a number of options will appear.
  • On the ribbon from your Microsoft Excel, you will see a so-called Analyze tab to which you must enter.
  • Once inside this tab, click Insert timeline .
  • Then, a dialog appears with the concepts that contain date data.
  • check the box Date .
  • Completed these steps and clicking OK, you and a small box with a blue bar in which you can scroll through each month.

In the upper right corner of this box, you can configure how you want it displayed the timeline according to your preferences: for days, months, quarters or years


The important thing is

Selecting each month, you will automatically Excel showing the accounting data (if any) for the month. Thus You can access this information without having to manually segmenting all concepts.

 insert a timeline

This type of information generally acquired in advanced courses in Microsoft Excel. Management of these tools is very important to apply for job openings in which the use of this is fundamental.

Make use of new knowledge!

Once you’ve learned to handle these tools, what remains is to show off and new share your knowledge in your work and to your friends . Communicate information is also important for all those who may have less control in such programs can improve respect.

Keep digging and learning on the tools available in Microsoft Excel to realize how truly easy it can be to work with this program, whose characteristics can make life easier more than one person.

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Converting your files into sheets automated calculations and customizable to your needs and preferences. Keep Learning us create macros in Excel easily , but like everything an expert in the field.

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